Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

Summertime in Australia is drawing to a close. It’s been hot, dry and seemingly endless here in the eastern states. At the end of each day the sun disappears below the horizon and finally temperatures begin to lower from searing highs into the Celsius 40s.

sunset4 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

As this final summer week begins, I take a moment to look back on the most dramatic sunsets I have been fortunate to have witnessed while living on Tugalong Road, in Canyonleigh.

sunset10 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

Our home site on a high ridge between two rivers, the Wingecarribee and the Wollondilly. The sky is wide and open, with extensive views towards the west. In summer the sunsets are incredibly diverse and on some nights in particular can be very colourful.

sunset1 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

If there has been rain, muted mauve pastels light up the sky as the sun disappears over the horizon. If there has been dry wind, dust that hangs in the air creates a burnt orange hue. If there is an active bushfire, a blood red sky speaks of the dangers burning somewhere nearby, threatening homes and lives.

sunset12 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

Adding to the effect are clouds: the lowering sun lights up an ever-changing vision of ethereal forms, displaying various shades of colours, depending on their density and height above the land. The diversity of cloud forms combines with changes in atmospheric conditions, producing an infinite variety of sunsets.

sunset6 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

sunset5 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

Most cameras have a sunset setting, which captures the subtleties of colour and shade, even in low light. Here I have selected a gallery of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen, over a period of six summers.

sunset9 Australian Summer Sunsets on Tugalong Road

Sunset is one of nature’s most incredibly magical displays; a wonder of light and form impossible for man to create, and equally impossible to ignore. Sunset is a quiet time of day to reflect on ways we can best protect our precious climate from harmful change. 

Written by Lisa Romano

A retired graphic designer, living on 5 acres of hobby farm in the NSW Southern Highlands in Australia. The climate is hot in summer and cold in winter. We have had snow in late spring.
My design studio ran in Sydney for 24 years and provided me with a rich and diverse insight into many sectors of business, both public and private. Home now lies at the end of a long dirt road surrounded by rural holdings and native bushland, with extensive elevated views. Social media has brought the world to my living room, where I enjoy learning about people, gardening, the natural world, and food, glorious food.

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