More GoPro Animals On My Travels and Walks

Another year has passed and many more walks done. As I have said before I do love to get out a lot and enjoy a walk for all that it too, not just specifically with a more cumbersome big camera. The small and compact GoPro fits in any pocket and can be used for many a surprising moment. Wherever I am, anywhere in the world.

Last year I did an article showing many of the animals I had met on my travels. All impromptu, all in the moment. I didn’t stop there, I carried on throughout the last months and got many more, here are some highlight moments to share…


Birds are something that with patience and positioning you can get very interesting results. It is also the most requested ‘How do you take those?’ when I post them on social media. Especially as birds are very shy around us humans and we want a close up photo with the full background behind (as opposed to zooming in from a distance). I will explain here again for those that want to know…

The trick I use is put the Gopro in timelapse mode, personally I have it on take a photo every second. Then, with a full battery attach it somewhere on the feeder with a background in full view but where the birds will fly in. Then you can leave it taking pictures whilst you go inside and have a coffee (if in your garden) or continue your walk. When you come back to it you may have a few gems amongst the many blank photos.. without you around a popular feeding spot can produce all sorts.

The ducks up top of this post for instance were on a walk.. The Gopro being waterproof I put it on a little tripod in the shallow edges of the water, on timelapse mode. I backed off, threw a little duck food in front of the camera and they came to pose 🙂

I have many more bird examples from my previous gardens.. Cumbria garden birds early in the year. I also did an article on the birds visiting in the midst of a busy Summer. One point I should make is don’t get too close, remember that six inches or more is good for the GoPro closeups or you get slightly blurry subjects like this…

Bring Out The Dogs

I love dogs, and as you can imagine whilst walking in the great outdoors I come across many. I find them so inquisitive too so they become easy targets for a GoPro closeup.

I have been fostering dogs or looking after dogs a lot over the last year. Always a joy to have wonderful companions out and about. Molly, the lab/collie cross was wonderful to look after during the Summer. On the beach and in the park, she was a busy girl checking everything out.

The more regular friend on my walks these days is Rusty, whom I occasionally look after for the mother in law. Rusty is an absolute character! A wise old man he is. Will walk with me as long as I wish, never complains and loyal to the end. He has learnt that when the camera comes out it is time to pose.

Of course we all remember his faster friend, Bea! Who is now running around at her forever home in London. She loved the camera you bet!


Always curious, cows love to pose too, or like to get their slobbery tongues all over the camera if you are not careful. Their faces do look dynamic when done close up like this. I must try to get more for a gallery this year.


I find horses very comical. I have been on many a walk with people who are terrified of them. So much so that they would walk an extra mile to avoid them. They most likely get even more scared when I grab the camera out of my pocket and go up their faces. Personally I find that being confident yet subtle and kind around horses makes a big difference.

I met some asses in Italy last year that made me chuckle. I don’t know if they were expecting food or what but they came clambering for attention that is for sure..

And finally. and not an animal at all but my youngest daughter playing spin around until we were dizzy. yet another way to utilise the GoPro, Just attach it to your chest area and experiment with what you get.

I just wanted to show how I get many of the close up pictures I get. Not everyone is an expert and everyone has differing needs for photos, be it animals, landscapes or family. What I can say is that the GoPro is adaptable, not just for athletes or extreme sports. It is small so you can take anywhere and you can experiment and have fun with it 🙂

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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