Fringe Lily, Thysanotus tuberosus 

Here in Australia it’s early summer and already the scorching hot, dry days are setting in. I escape the heat for a walk in nearby Bangadilly National Park, where closer inspection of the ground cover reveals an array of wildflowers.  

Many are small, intricate forms less than a centimetre in diameter. I wonder how they can survive the heat, sheltered only by the sparse shade of shrubs and native trees. 

I feel privileged to live right across the road from such beautiful hidden treasures, and happily souvenir a collection of photos, so I can enlarge them, research their names and observe their beauty in greater detail when I return home. 

It makes me appreciate the natural world’s diversity, and wonder about our place in it. 

flowers-australia-2 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, Australia

Bangadilly National Park is located at Canyonleigh, in the New South Wales Southern Highlands of Australia. It is described as a dry sclerophyll forest, having low rainfall and poor soil nutrition. Plants typically have hard, narrow or spiky leaves to help them cope with the poor growing conditions.

flowers-australia-4 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, AustraliaSpike Wattle, Acacia oxycedrus 

flowers-australia-7 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, AustraliaOzothamnus diosmifolium 

flowers-australia-3 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, AustraliaSilky Purple Flag, Pattersonia sericea 

flowers-australia-5 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, AustraliaHyacinth Orchid, Dipodium punctatum 

flowers-australia-8 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, AustraliaSwamp wattle, Acacia retinodes 

flowers-australia-6 Summer Wildflowers of Bangadilly, AustraliaWild Fuschia, Correa