Salted Caramel Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Icing 1

These delectable muffins are versatile and easily put together, for an unexpected drop in or pre-prepped and top spec for an occasion. I think they’re perfectly delightful just made for fun and enjoyed with a mug of coffee, my only problem being how to keep my mitts off them! I decided to freeze a couple of them to keep them out of harm’s way, especially for my eldest son’s return home visit. Home cooking for my son’s short visit home to the UK.  My daughter and I baked this recipe at half term as a tasty treat, but you can bake, decorate and display yours to make them personal to you, keep it simple as we did or jazz them up for your own tastes. Good fun to make and to eat.


Makes roughly 12 muffins

220g /8oz Softened Butter or my favorite, Dairy Free Vegetable Spread. 

220g / 8oz Caster Sugar. 

4 Medium Free-Range Eggs. We use our own free-range eggs from our hens. 

2 tea spoons Salted Caramel essence or Caramel essence if the salted version not available. 

220g/8oz Self Raising Flour. 

200g/7oz chocolate chips, or use your own judgement. Milk, Dark or White chocolate is again to your own preference. 

Up to 6 tablespoons of milk, whole milk or soya/almond milk. 

2 x 400g pots/800g of readymade velvety vanilla icing, for speed I used Betty Crockers. I find the pre-made icing just as economical and as tasty as making my own. 

Colour for the icing if required. 

Chocolate Sprinkles, Mini Caramel Fudge Chunks or decorations of choice.  

12 Muffin Cases  

Piping bag for icing


Preheat the oven to 180c / 350f/ Gas 4 and if you have muffin tins, put the muffin cases into the tins to line them.  

Add the sugar and Butter/veg spread to your mixing bowl and whisk together until well combined and pale in colour.  

Cream in the eggs to the mixture a bit at a time and add the caramel essence.  

Fold the flour in with a metal spoon and add enough milk to make a good dropping consistency, then combine the chocolate chips until evenly distributed.  

Now evenly fill the cup cases and bake for 10 – 15 minutes until golden brown. I sometimes like to do a skewer test, gently put the skewer into the centre of the muffin and it should come out clean without any stickiness.

Now leave to cool, preferably on a wire cooling rack if you have one.

Salted Caramel Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Icing 2

One cooled, they are ready for decoration. If you would like to colour the icing, add this now and mix thoroughly before adding the icing to the piping bag and pipe the icing in swirl patterns then add the decorations or sprinkles as you like them. Enjoy your creation!

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    1. Janine Moore says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my recipe, May. My lot love them too, I’ve a feeling they’ll be baked often here. 🙂

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