Biddulph Grange Gardens, Staffordshire – A World of Discovery

A gorgeous setting with a world of discovery through the grade 1 listed Victorian gardens in Staffordshire, there’s lots to explore so be ready for an adventure. The first area we ventured into was the garden shop, there’s a multitude of beautiful plants outside plus some lovely unusual gifts and garden ornaments inside the cabin, they also sell ice-creams so what better way to begin than with an ice-cream!

Onwards we go to explore the vast gardens which have themed areas from around the world. We wandered randomly with no particular plan, I feel this is a fun way to discover all there is to see without any spoilers. Around every corner there’s a new view that reveals another country and unless you plan a route it’s impossible to know where in the world you’ll end up next…China…Egypt…Italy?

The weather turned out to be as random as our route around the grade 1 listed Victorian gardens, from blue skies and glorious sunshine to full blown thunder and lightning with torrents of rain! Due to the severity of the storm we had to shelter in an Egyptian tunnel until the storm calmed a little, but as I always say, the weather can’t stop play so off we went into the rain to explore some more, after all once you’re wet you’re wet! Off we went adventuring through the gardens in the rain once more finding tunnels, temples and sculptures, so eclectic!

James Bateman collected plant specimens from all the world. From 1841 onwards he commissioned expeditions to a wide range of countries, he sent plant hunters to collect specialist plant species for him and send them back by sea, only taking part in a few of the expeditions himself.

Eventually after a good wander I found a lovely second-hand book shop, such a cozy little book corner with comfy seating and a good range of books to browse, of course I found a good read to take home and left a donation in the honesty box.

A whirlwind trip around the world, through tunnels, over bridges and with weather to match it was a lovely day’s adventure, with ice-cream and a good book too, a perfectly satisfying day out in Staffordshire at Biddulph Grange Gardens. The kitchen gardens are inspiring and there’s usually a few bargain plants to buy. We didn’t visit the café on this occasion but maybe next time I’ll stop by for a coffee. 😊

Written by Janine Moore

Janine lives in Nottinghamshire with her husband and two youngest children. A love of animals and the countryside stems from a childhood living by the river Trent and spending hours watching the local wildlife.
Photography has been a hobby for many years and the camera is never far from her side.

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