Thailand – Railay Beach Vibes

Once in a while you visit a place that just feels ‘special’ and Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand is one of those special places.  The beach itself is vast and sandy, set against a dramatic backdrop of limestone cliffs.  The cliffs themselves are a huge draw to climbers from around the world and the bay is sheltered and calm, perfect for young families.

Thailand-Railay-Beach Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

But it is the ‘vibe’ here that is so appealing.  No-one is in a hurry.  We sat watching people for a while – couples ambling along the shoreline, kids playing football on the sand and young backpackers hanging out in little groups…

Thailand-Railay-Beach-2 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

The picture-perfect cliffs at the back of the beach are surrounded by palm trees, which offer welcome shade – not only to people, but also the stray cats that wander about the beach bars.  

Thailand-Railay-Beach-8 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

On our first visit to Railay Beach we met a ginger cat whom we named ‘Bow Tail the beach cat’ – on account of his little tail being curled like a gift bow.  Over the next few days; we saw many other cats and tiny kittens – all with the same distinctive curly tail.  It was heartening to see kind-hearted tourists and restaurant staff ensuring the cats got a decent meal.

Thailand-Railay-Beach-3 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

As the sun began to sink in the sky, the beach took on a new atmosphere.  People started arriving and taking their seats ready for the spectacular sunset for which Railay is famed.

Thailand-Railay-Beach-6 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

The cliff face at the back of the beach began to take on a golden glow; and the staff at the beach bars started laying out candle-lit mats on the beach instead of tables.  

Thailand-Railay-Beach-7 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

The lower the sun dropped in the sky, the more dreamy the reflections became…

Thailand-Railay-Beach-5 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

We took our seats on a bench looking out to sea from one of the beach bars.  The open window frames encased each sea view like individual pictures in frames. It really was a lovely place to watch the world go by… 

Thailand-Railay-Beach-4 Thailand - Railay Beach Vibes

Written by Sarah Rees

Environmental Scientist, presenter and keen wildlife photographer; Sarah is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. With a background in television production, she launched her online Forestwatch videos to celebrate the diversity of woodland wildlife and ancient trees.

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