Minimal Amsterdam

Continuing my little foray into minimal photography whilst on city breaks and following Minimal Edinburgh and Minimal Glasgow I now present Minimal Amsterdam.



OK – I admit all these pictures are not all that minimal – but still they aren’t the normal picture postcard views of a city.



In my first blog about Amsterdam I quoted that the French philosopher René Descartes wrote in 1631 of the Dutch Republic:

“Where else in the world can one enjoy all the comforts of life and all the interesting things that a person might wish to find? What other country is there in which one can enjoy such perfect freedom …?”

So here I’d just push this a little bit and say:

“What other country is there in which one can enjoy photographing blank walls and taking blurry pictures from a moving tram in such perfect freedom…?”



The ones of the red letters are from the Iamsterdam sculpture in Museum-Kwartier. This must be one of the most photographed sites in Amsterdam and it was a sea of selfie taking tourists when I was there. Really tricky to get a photo without other people’s kids faces in it – which, when I know these pics may go out to hundreds of thousands of people via baldhiker, I usually try and avoid – hence I went for the out of focus colour dominated shots.



The blurry shots are taken from a moving tram and the others various walls, vents and images of the great city of Amsterdam that wouldn’t make the tourist brochures – but I loved! Enjoy.

Again, like the last blog on Amsterdam I’ll point out that my new found love affair with the city was not due to any sponsorship deal with the Amsterdam Tourism Department – the trip was bought and paid for by myself – but I would, however, recommend staying at Mirthe & Aranka’s fantastic house in the Jordaan district. Mirthe & Aranka will direct you to the best ice cream, best apple pie and best pizza available in the neighbourhood!

Written by Tom Warburton

Long, long ago (back in analogue days) he travelled the world extensively including a two year around the world trip. He is now rediscovering the world with a digital camera. He originally trained as an ecologist and is particularly interested in environmental and wildlife issues.

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