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Inspired by my fondness of the dessert and having Limoncello in the fridge I gave myself the task of creating this delicious cocktail. Limoncello as you  is such a refreshing liqueur, one of the great tastes I acquired during my travels through Italy. In Italy, Limoncello is extremely popular and I am glad to say that many stockists and restaurants around the world now sell this zingy liqueur in drink or dessert form.

It is sometimes nice to have something special to offer guests when they are over for festivities such as birthdays or Christmas and I find this drink is good for any special occasion.

It has the zing of lemon yet the creaminess from the sorbet and double cream, along with the taste of biscuit and marshmallow for the sweetness. Best of all, most of the ingredients are not as elaborate so they are easy to come by, and not at all complicated to make.

To make this for one serving you will need:


1 shot of Limoncello

4 tbsp lemon sorbet

Dash of cream (single or double cream)

Crushed digestive biscuit (graham cracker in US)

Tsp marshmallow fluff or small meringue

Lemon shavings for the finishing touch

lemon cocktail served in a glass


Crush the digestive biscuit and spread onto a small plate.

Rub some lemon around the rim of the cocktail glass.

Press the rim of the glass onto the biscuit.

Pour the Limoncello, lemon sorbet and cream into the cocktail shaker (or jar/drink container if you don’t have a shaker).

Shake the ingredients until well blended, or until a layer of condensation forms on the shaker.

Pour the contents into the glass through a strainer or sieve.

To serve put your teaspoon of marshmallow fluff on the surface of the drink or alternatively crush up some meringue and sprinkle over the surface. Finish this off with the grated lemon rind.

a lemon alcoholic drink


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