Windows that inspire

I’ve got a ‘thing’ with windows. They’re everywhere and in so many different shapes, colors and sizes. Windows can tell so much about the history and architectural period of a certain place that for me they are a true inspiration and a great source of learning. One of the reasons I do snap a lot of pictures of windows when I’m exploring a place. Usually I just save them and keep them for myself as reference. But today I’m showing you a small selection and I do hope you enjoy them and maybe they will inspire you too…

DSC_1172 Windows that inspire

Above and below windows in Venice. No other city in the world has such density of historically significant architecture. Venice was shaped by Byzantine influence at first. Then by Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles. The Venetian architects adapted all these styles, keeping the special character of the city, and so creating a new and unique style. I absolutely love it, and I know for sure that I will go back there again.

DSC_1264 Windows that inspire

DSC_1273 Windows that inspire

Hamburg is another city showing great contrasts in architecture. From Jugendstil buildings, Baroque churches to Post-modern glass and steel façades…

DSC_1003BB Windows that inspire

Below is a window of the unique yellow row of houses in the Nyboder part of Copenhagen. Built between 1631 and 1641 to house the men and their families who worked for the navy. Today you can still refer to this particular color yellow with the term ‘Nyboder yellow’.

DSC_0787 Windows that inspire

All styles from modern to historical make a place vibrant and such a great source of information. And I know for sure that I will keep taking photos of them!

DSC_0848 Windows that inspire

DSC_0959 Windows that inspire

It is always worth looking at the small parts of cities wherever we visit. Of course don’t just look at the windows, don’t just look at the doors. The small and finer detail can inspire the smallest or largest feeling in anyine, and a good feeling at that.

Written by Cindy Vriend

Graphic designer and illustrator with a great passion for photography. Founder of JustC Creative Design Studio.

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