Video: Paul Steele and Wrangler x Leatherman


I have recently had the pleasure of being able to give some of my personal thoughts, on video, on why I love to get out and about hiking and climbing. Plus how I see others get inspired by their first taste of the hills and mountains.

This opportunity came because two legendary American brands, Wrangler and Leatherman, have joined forces in celebration of some of their most iconic products. Two brands I have most definitely come to use and love over the years, especially in the great outdoors.

Behind-The-Scenes-2-Paul-Steele1 Video: Paul Steele and Wrangler x Leatherman

Wrangler, the jean brand of action and adventure and Leatherman, maker of the ultimate multi-tool, unite for the first time to help adventurers get ready for whatever life throws their way. The collaboration sees Wrangler’s signature Texas style reworked to be twice as strong as regular jeans, alongside special editions of two Leatherman tools – both in a beautiful antique copper finish to match the famous Wrangler jean rivets. I always try to inspire people to go out and enjoy the beauty on their doorstep. A good jacket, a decent pair of boots and jeans and a compact tool that slips right in your pocket and your set to go. It’s not as intimidating as most people think…

Hero_products Video: Paul Steele and Wrangler x Leatherman

Where I live the, the bright sunshine can quickly turn to rain, it’s all part of the adventure. But wearing something that’s reliable can make all the difference to make your journey a joyful experience..


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