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In a previous post I showed you a wander through the beautiful streets of Amandola, Le Marche, Italy. Well it was time to take a look inside one of the buildings. Up near the top of the town is the local theatre, from the outside it looks like a tall thin building of the style and keeping of surrounding buildings and towers… The huge surprise comes as you step inside as you stop, stare and look around, up and down, in wonder.

theatre Amandola-5- Le Marche

Such a fascinating building to visit in its own right. La Fenice theatre in English translates to The Phoenix and the theatre in original form dates back to a period when the wooden town, when fires where obviously prevalent, was turning to stone. The Phoenix rose out of the ashes so to speak.

theatre Amandola-11- Le Marche

Originally built as a shorter narrow theatre in the 17th century it has grown nothing but upwards as you can see. Centuries of renovations and introductions of new theatre fashions has shaped it into what you see today. It has the unmistakable style of many 19th Century Italian theatres and after much restoration was open and in full use again from the 1990s after closing in the 60s.

theatre Amandola-2- Le Marche

theatre Amandola-7- Le Marche

The decor and height gives a real sense of big grandeur yet deceptively with the width it has seating for just around 120 people. I could see from the sign outside and the goings on by the stage that this was a place very much functional and very much in use for a whole range of productions. A remarkable local amenity for Amandola.

theatre Amandola-10- Le Marche

theatre Amandola-4- Le Marche

Even looking right up at the ceiling you can see the fine detail that has gone into this beautiful interior. Paintings of cherubs, the town insignia and much much more to capture the eye and thoughts.

theatre Amandola-3- Le Marche

theatre Amandola- Le Marche

Even then at the moment I was there, there was no production on, but I could still sit in a seat, pause, right in the middle of the theatre and get great enjoyment out of being exactly where I was. Travel, sure does open your eyes and minds alright.

theatre Amandola-9- Le Marche

theatre Amandola-8- Le Marche

Alas, there was no time to dwell too long. I had much more of Le Marche to see, and many more adventures to be had. But when in the area make sure you get a peak inside Teatro La Fenice, Amandola 🙂

theatre Amandola-12- Le Marche

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