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Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

In a previous post I showed some wanderings around the old capital of Malta, Mdina. A city free of cars and just the hustle and bustle of tourists and a whole plethora of alleyways and buildings to explore. One of the most popular stops on a walk through is The Fontanella Tea Garden. A cafe with no razzmatazz PR etc, a place that speaks for itself, in word of mouth, quality food, views, and famous home made cakes.

Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

It is true, when in Malta and you say you have been to Mdina, a whole lot of people will automatically ask “Did you have a cake at Fontanella”?

Now, I will join that mass of people that will ask the same of others, or will give this as a ‘must do’ when there. It was one of those pre season rainy days when I was there so the terrace with views over the island not suitable, but there is indoor seating too that kept the flood of passers by topped up with their cake and coffee.

Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

Even though it was busy there always seemed to be a table being made available. I picked up the cake menu and…… erm… how can I put this? If you have a problem making choices expect to be there a while! In the end, as you can see above I went for the double chocolate and hazelnut. And it was divine! It could have got a whole lot more exotic than that if i had time for seconds. You find yourself watching others getting theirs served with a constant ‘oh my’ feeling in your body. Strawberries, cream, chocolate, orange…. and much much more.

Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

It was time to head back out and see more views, but this cake, garden and fountain oasis is heavily bookmarked in my mind for the next time I am on the island.  Hunger pangs or not, I am there!!

Malta – Cake at The Fontanella Tea Garden, Mdina

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