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What better way to have one of your five a day than to mix it with cake. A luxurious chocolate and Banoffee Cake This recipe is easy to make and a  moist, delicious delight. Perfect for a romantic dinner and a great winter pudding.

Luxury Chocolate Banoffee Cake


3 x 8″ Sandwich Cake tins


1lb Self Raising Flour
1lb Margarine
1lb Caster Sugar
8 Eggs beaten
3 Tablespoons chocolate powder
4 Ripe bananas
Toffee sauce
1pt Double Cream
Chocolate shavings or sprinkles


Beat the margarine and sugar together until light and fluffy- gradually mix in your beaten eggs.

mix eggs

Sieve the flour bit by bit into the mixture and fold in.

sieve flour

Peel and mash your bananas and mix in.

peel and mash bananas

Add the chocolate powder – mix everything together.

Line 3 x 8″ sandwich tins and fill with the mixture in equal amounts.

Cook in the oven 180 Degrees for 40-50 minutes. Checking on them regularly to make sure that they don’t burn.

Leave the cakes to cool fully and set aside.

cakes cooling

Mix all your double cream to make whipped cream.

Level your three cakes and sandwich them together using a layer of whipped cream and lashings of toffee sauce – top the cake again with whipped cream and toffee sauce and some chocolate shavings or sprinkles (you could add some more sliced banana on top if you would like)

Serve on your best china and why not treat yourself and have hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles to wash it all down.

Luxury Cake served

Enjoy !

N.b Don’t forget that as you are using fresh cream any leftovers will need to be kept in the fridge

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