Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is located in the eastern half of California.  The closest town to the main entrance is, Three Rivers, CA.  Sequoia is known for the giant redwood trees that inhabit this area of California, it is also connected on the north side with Kings Canyon National Park and is only a few hours away from Yosemite National Park.

Tokopah-1 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

The hike we did was to Tokopah Falls a 3.4 mile up and back trail that follows the river and winds through beautiful forests.

The trailhead is located near the entrance to the Lodgepole campground; this is a hike that anyone can do although there is a 600ft elevation gain.   We did this hike in just over an hour, the views are amazing and you’ll hear the sound of the water almost the entire hike.

Tokopah-2 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

Throughout the hike you’ll catch views of the watchtower peak that stands 1,600 feet above the trail as well as the Kaweah River.

Tokopah-4 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

Tokopah Falls is a gently dropping waterfall but watching the water tumble down the many rocks is still a wonderful site to behold. (picture #5) and the rock formations of California’s Sierra Nevada range are awe inspiring.

Tokopah-6 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

When you arrive at the top of the falls the water is almost deafening but beautiful to take in.

Tokopah-7 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

There are a lot of places at the top to sit amongst the rocks and just enjoy the true power of nature.

The return to the forest on the way back down is a welcome part of your return trip.  Finally back out of the sun, there’s always more to enjoy.

Tokopah-8 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

The Kaweah River calms down now and although the sound of the falls remain in the background it’s wonderful to just enjoy the view of the water.

Tokopah-9 Tokopah Falls – Sequoia National Park

As you sit and enjoy the calm of the waters, you never know when you might have a little friend join you. The Yellow-bellied Marmot in the main image at the top of this post played peek-a-boo between the rocks with us.

I hope you enjoyed this hike, if you want to know more about this or any hike I’ve written about, please feel free to contact me.

Written by Bill Bruner

Bill Bruner has loved the outdoors since he was a child in Cub Scouts. He has hiked all over the US & parts of England. He believes that getting as close as you can to nature fills your soul more than anything else you can do. He has lived in 7 states & just recently bought a house in the mountains of Colorado. In his professional life he has been a loan officer, a bartender, a professional actor & for the past 16 years a tax accountant. He hopes to bring you engaging articles about hikes throughout the US. He’s married to Heidi & has three girls Carrie, Samantha & Andrea & has two Australian cattle dogs, Sydney & Ki Ki.

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