Brits! Are you seriously looking to move permanently to paradise? Are you and your family considering a move to a place such as the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Panama, the Maldives or somewhere just as exotic? Would you like to road test this new life experience before making the final plunge? If so, the BBC would love to speak to you!

BBC 2 is making a new series about families and couples considering a move to such places and are looking for people who want to experience the new life they dream of before making the big decision to move. There will be a real opportunity to experience the kinds of homes, jobs, and schools on offer. It is hoped that the series will give an invaluable journey to those taking part, as well as highlighting the realities and things to consider for those watching at home.

Perhaps you’ve started the process of relocating?

Maybe you’ve chosen where but need help?

Are you considering selling your property to fund your move?

Perhaps you’re just seriously thinking of jacking it all in and heading to sunnier climes?

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