SmartWatch 2 – Smarter than your average watch 1

As I have stated before my current phone of choice is the Sony Xperia Z2. Fantastic for on the go photography to be uploaded to social media ‘live’ from where you are. Of course, these days a whole lot more can be done and measured via a phone and Sony have wearable gadgets to cover all sorts of handy monitoring or for making life that much easier. I have been using recently the Sony Smartwatch 2 with kind courtesy of Sony Mobile..

The smartwatch has become one of my surprises of the year. ‘A gimmick’ I thought, originally. I have found it far from a gimmick. With some research I can see smartwatches on the market that are full of unused or impractical features. Bulky cameras built in or trying to get people to talk through their watch, but Sony seem to be finding the useful, practical and quick ground.

Sitting on your wrist it looks and feels like many a normal digital watch, not too big at all. With a responsive touch screen I was imagining something much bigger or maybe unsightly. Far from it, just as a smartphone must primarily be good as a phone, the smartwatch is a great digital watch with a whole plethora of faces to choose from too.


Within the android-esque swipe screen you can add extensions to all your favourite apps to get notifications and more to your wrist. With a gentle notification vibration you could look at the screen and either read your Gmail, see your friends latest FB picture, also you can ‘like’ that picture there and then. Read your SMS, read your friends latest tweet and of course accept or reject that incoming call. This is all without taking your phone out of your pocket, or stopping what you are doing.

There are many apps and extensions that have become useful to me. The remote shutter app for the phone’s camera is great for those impromptu close up, improvised tripod style phone shots. You can make your watch your own, add or take what you need. I take my phone out of my pocket so much less now, no more kerfuffle getting the phone out on a good hike just to find it was an email of latest offers from whomever.

New app extensions are being added all the time together with the ability to read and even action with just a turn of the wrist, a glance and the odd swipe and touch. It becomes second nature without realising. Super for discreetly and quietly watching for emails and messages too, where the phone out would be just, well, rude. I recommend it highly and look forward to even more progress.

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