The Food of Love: Chocolate, Amaretto and Cherry Cake

The Food of Love: Chocolate, Amaretto and Cherry Cake

The very look of this cake is enough to bring any man to his knees and to ask for your hand in marriage. It is the thing that love is made from. Delicious chocolate cherry cake mixed with Amaretto and filled full of cherry conserve and fresh whipped cream. Don’t forget to present on your best china.

Chocolate, Amaretto and Cherry Cake delicious

You will need:

2 round 7″ sandwich tins


6oz self raising flour
6oz margarine
6oz caster sugar
3 eggs
5oz glace cherries
2 tbsp chocolate powder
Amaretto liquor

For the filling and topping: 

Half a pint of double cream
Cherry Conserve
Fresh Cherries
Chocolate ganache (optional)


Place your sugar and margarine in bowl and mix together until fluffy, add the egg and mix together until blended.
Sieve the flour and fold in.
Add the chocolate powder and fold in.
Halve the glace cherries and toss them in a little bit of self raising flour (this is to stop them sinking to the bottom of your cake mixture)
Add the cherries to the mixture and add a good glug of Amaretto and fold in.
Grease and line your two sandwich tins
Place half of the mixture in each tin and cook in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 20-30 minutes until done
Take out of the tins and leave to cool.

baked sponge Cake

While the cake is cooling beat your double cream to make your whipped cream.
Put a small amount in a piping bag for decorating the top of the cake.
When cooled, spread the cherry conserve on one cake and the whipped cream on the other and sandwich together.

perfect Cherry Cake

You can either sprinkle the top with icing sugar or chocolate powder or coat in ganache.
Pipe on some cream and place the cherries ontop

dark chocolate cake close up

You are now ready to serve.

cake served with love on the table
served Chocolate, Amaretto and Cherry Cake

You can also substitute the whipped cream for chocolate buttercream if you prefer. It will still have the desired effect.

N.B Please remember this cake has fresh cream in and will need to be kept refrigerated if you have any left over.

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