Sally’s creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

I am not one to resist eating a piece of delicious cake, and I happened upon the wonderful creative cakes of Sally Laker. incredibly creative cakes actually! I was pondering… How long do those take to make? How much patience do you need? How would someone dare someone put a knife into it even if delicious? Well, I asked this and more to Sally herself.

From the desk of Sally…..

My name is Sally and I run a cake company called Sally4Cakes based in Whitstable, Kent. I am the lady next door who is always covered in icing sugar. The one at parties who always asks about the cake. The one who all the mums get to know, as I make cool cakes for their kids. And the one who is always pasty in the summer because I don’t get out much. I love baking and I love creating, but most of all I love the look on a customer’s face when they first see their cake.

Here are some of my favourite cakes:

Animal from the Muppets:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

I love this cake topper. Animal took about a week to make, complete with his drum kit. I made him on a separate board so that he could be removed from the cake. He’s made out of icing, so he can be kept as a souvenir by the birthday boy.

Wedding Cake Topper:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

Another musical cake topper with the groom playing the piano and bride sitting on the lid. Personalised cake toppers are fantastic for weddings and a great talking point. I play the piano so I loved making this one.

Despicable me cake:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

This was made for my son’s 13th birthday last year. The irony is that my son isn’t that keen on cake. My whole family are huge fans of the film and I love the shape of the minions and Gru. It was great fun getting the faces right. My son loved it. I made this as a display cake, so that he could keep it.

Holby Cake:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

I call this my Holby cake. It was made for a lady who works as a theatre nurse. It was tongue in cheek. The customer particularly liked the saw. I love Holby City and I loved making this cake. It reminded me of Jac Naylor in the show.

Gravity Defying Cake:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

I have wanted to do one of these for a long time. It was a real challenge to make. One of those instances where cake-making requires a lot of mathematics and physics to get it right. It wasn’t as difficult to make as I was expecting. The main challenge was getting the weights right for the support. It always makes me nervous to make cakes that are supported, especially when they are put in a car and driven off. I always advise my customers to avoid speed bumps! I loved the look of the sponge cake. I coloured it by carefully dusting it in layers. I prefer dusting to airbrushing as I can blend the colours a lot easier.


Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

Wow. What can I say about this cake. It was made for a man who loves gorillas, who had been bought a gorilla experience for his birthday. I love the expression on the gorilla’s face. He seemed almost alive.I named him. My customers named him and they never ate him, as they didn’t want to cut him up!

Spotty Teapot Cake:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

A cake for Grandparents who love thieir tea and their favourite teaset is a spotty one.A spectacular cake, a great showstopper with Grandchildren.It was made of four stacked cakes in four flavours and was very scary to transport.It was loved by all.

Standing Minion:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

Another cake based on Despicable Me. I love the idea of standing cakes and working out how they are done (hint: it’s magic). I designed this cake discovered the way and built the cake. It was harder than I thought to build, but once assembled it was very secure. It was made for my cousin’s son. He drove all the way to Wiltshire with it in the boot of his car and the cake remained intact. I was so relieved! I am currently working on my next standing cake, it features Lego and Starwars. Very excited about this one.

Jack Russell:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

Pets are really popular. Everyone loves to have their pets on their cakes and dogs seem to be the most popular choices. This one was again coloured by dusting. I was particularly pleased with his eyes. He looks really cute. I have to confess I missed him a bit when he left.

Handbag and Shoe cakes:

Sally's creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

These are among the most popular cakes that I make. The handbags are quite straight forward to make when you know how to get the structure right, but the shoes require a lot of patience. The shoes take about a week to make, as every component needs to be set and dried before the next layer is applied. The end result is always very satisfying. Plus, the birthday girl gets to keep the shoe after her birthday as a keepsake, though one or two have been known to eat the shoe! I like to make sure all of my cakes are edible, apart from the supports. I grow attached to every one that I make and every order brings a new challenge. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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