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Whitby by phone

Whitby is a fantastic place to photography whatever the time of year, so with everything and everyone loaded up we made our annual trip to welcome in the New Year. So on unpacking it was a little bit of a set back to find that I had left by big bag of very expensive camera gear on the kitchen table.

My course leader whilst I was studying towards a degree in commercial photography always used to give this one bit of advice “the best camera you own is the one that you have with you”, so with this in mind it was out with the Phone…….

2014-02-05-08.28.00-whitby Whitby by phone

Search online and you will find a massive amount of images of Whitby….I suppose the sheer number out there is testimony to this wonderful place. I, like the everyone else have my favourite places in Whitby, memories of walks on the beach or my children’s faces pressed up against the glass of the rock shop. The problem was how could I best capture these in a way that has not been done a million times before?

2014-02-05-08.29.35-whitby Whitby by phone

So off I set, walking through the little alleyways of the old town after crossing the swing bridge slightly disappointed that I have yet to see it move to let a great ship pass. Both to my left and right there are the little shops that the big towns have long given up on. Many passing more than a nod of acknowledgement to the massive Goth scene that flocks to Whitby each year.

2014-02-05-08.30.08-whitby Whitby by phone

First a simple shot of a sign that sums up this place for me, just little things all over the place to remind you of the individuality of the town. Have a look around for the two houses with the same number! Carrying on to the bottom of the famous steps, we arrive at a place that causes an argument with my wife every time….I love kippers.

2014-02-05-08.27.39-whitby Whitby by phone

Up the steps we go, I will let you count them, and to the top where if you can tear your eyes away from glimpses of the Abbey and turn around the whole of Whitby opens up before (and below) you.

2014-02-05-08.28.45-whitby Whitby by phone

Which is where the limitations of using a phone camera become evident in the slight blurring of the image, I tell my wife it’s art.

As I turn to my left I am greeted by the last sunset of the year, looking out over the town to the magnificent country side that surrounds this place and no doubt you will have already noticed on your journey in, that’s another of the great things about Whitby, it opens up before you well before you arrive.

2014-02-05-08.28.15-whitby Whitby by phone

So it’s back down and retracing my steps I stop to take in the bright orange paintwork of the Whitby Lifeboat, one of the busiest of the whole RNLI fleet, and ponder on how such a modern machine still manages to fit in with the older layers that tower well above it.

Threading through the crowds that no matter what the weather always build up as the morning progresses, it’s onto the beach and a promise to brave the North Sea wind and walk down to Sands End. It is here, whilst exploring the numerous rock pools, in the vain hope of finding a crab, that my wife informs me she has a camera in her coat pocket.

2014-02-05-08.29.06-whitby Whitby by phone

With the rain setting in it is time to yet again abandon our hopes of reaching our destination we escape to a fish and chip shop, but not before I take chance to look back and take in the wonderful Whitby view.

Written by Paul Jackson

I have a passion for photography which I combine with a love for exploring, be it the local area or further afield. Always trying to look at things from a different angle. A Paramedic for many years, I ensure I balance my work life by getting out and about with my constant companion Webber, my Springer Spaniel.

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