The Basset Hounds, Monty and Jasmine are here to say hello again. This time with pre dinner antics. As I have said before in previous articles they will eat anything and everything they can smell and find. And oh yes they can smell the smallest scrap of a thing for miles 🙂

DSC_0585 The hungry hounds

They know dinner time is getting close. Afternoon walk is underway, their body clocks telling them that once this is over they will be fed. They may look a dumb dog but I can assure you they are the sneakiest and clever manipulators around here. As soon as we turn the corner to head homeward that is it… come on Baldy let’s go faster, food now please. Back home it becomes a game.. Monty gets more and more excited as he can’t control himself… Jasmine, never keeping her eye off me pretends to not be bothered but stares, shaking with excitement

P1080012 The hungry hounds

P1090021 The hungry hounds

As I go get the bowls Monty gets more and more animated, shaking, singing, barking… Jasmine gives up and sniffs the ground everywhere I normally step with the bag of food, the clever one of the twins.

P1080015 The hungry hounds

P8010021 The hungry hounds

P1080013 The hungry hounds

P1080021 The hungry hounds

Now comes the only time you can ‘ever’ get them to sit. I have food in my hand and it is theirs. Suddenly I have their full attention and suddenly they listen. Both shaking excitedly and looking with begging eyes before me. I prepare myself for the onslaught as I put the bowls down. It is a messy affair, they do not mess around. Slobber, ears, food and water everywhere. Yes I do feed them outside, if you had watched them you would know why bless em 😉

P1080023 The hungry hounds

P8010024 The hungry hounds

It had been a while since an update on the hounds. They have a few adventures with us coming up so watch this space as they will be woofing through these pages again real soon.