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Welcome to BaldHiker Social Hikes. I get asked many times if I would help introduce people to hiking or help them get up their first ever mountain. It has been an absolute joy guiding people to help reach heights or accomplish goals that they had never thought they would get out and do. In the past social hikes I have met some wonderful amazing people whom have made the event one to remember for each other as well as their own needs. Mountains and the great outdoors are places to enjoy, not a place to feel afraid of the clique groups or self proclaimed pros whom expect you to go at their pace. BaldHiker Social Hikes are weekends where you can connect with the outdoors as well as connect with new friends. Your hike, your time, your fun and we can share. If it is a mountain, we socialise and admire all around us, no matter how long it takes. If it is a hike across the hills we shall share and smile at every opportunity. Never a slog, never a race, pure social outdoor miles and smiles. Great accommodation at each location, wining and dining together into the evenings either side. Come join me and your new friends to be on a BaldHiker Social Hike 🙂

Keep checking here for details on any upcoming BaldHiker Social Hikes and opportunities to book on one, new ones and new types are always in planning. Over the actual weekends too you can follow the miles, smiles and live photos at #BHsocialhike. Sharing to the world as we go.

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Next BH Social Hike – Cumbria

Last weekend Nov 2013. Three nights in Cumbrian Luxury at Waitby School, two super hikes over the weekend plus the social wining, dining and chatting at the accommodation on the Saturday. Send an email to request booking availability

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Colette Booth
I went to the BaldHiker hike in Northumberland with my daughter (a first time hiker). We were made extremely welcome and encouraged on the walk. We left feeling we had made a new set of friends – would thoroughly recommend it!