Our local market town’s youth club puts on a Fire and Light show every Halloween. The young people practice their circus and free-running skills all year under some great professional tuition. They learn clubs, staff and poi and many other circus skills. When they are proficient at the various skills they get trained up to use fire!

Fire-Light-2013-101_fire_light The Fire and Light Show

The results of their amazing talent is shown below. The long exposures and dark backgrounds result in some abstract fire trails and blurry faces. Most of the performers shown here are between 15 and 18. The two photos of the ‘Catherine Wheel’ like ones are of one of the adult trainers.

Fire-Light-2013-103_fire_light The Fire and Light Show

Fire-Light-2013-106_fire_light The Fire and Light Show

It is a great show and draws a big crowd. The young folk get a great deal out of the training and show – thanks to all involved – you know who you are πŸ™‚

Fire-Light-2013-102_fire_light The Fire and Light Show

Fire-Light-2013-104_fire_light The Fire and Light Show

Fire-Light-2013-100_fire_light The Fire and Light Show

Needless to say… don’t try this at home…. πŸ™‚