A Busy Day On The Dandelions

We had a glimpse of sun, I was at home for a change with a chance of some downtime. I looked at the garden and saw the weeds starting to take over. Time to get stuck in I thought 🙂 First up, removing all the dandelions that had shot up taking the space of all the other colourful plants. Before I started digging I took a few moments quickly with the camera and not the spade. Dandelions are a fond visiting place for many little buzzing characters.

DSC_0002 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

Dandelions to the majority of people are a common weed that gets into landscapes grass in all its forms. Taking over a lawn, the park fields and amongst our garden flowers. If they get into your lawn you feel it is a never ending battle for a s soon as you mow they are the first to grow out and up again aren’t they? Showing off their yellow flower before you know it. But they have many positives to them too!

DSC_01112 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

Health Benefits of Dandelions

Dandelions have proven health benefits! Yes they do. Consumption of dandelion has shown that they contain antioxidants that protect our cells from being damaged. They contain compounds that can help reduce cholesterol. As well as studies showing that they can help lower blood pressure, help in weight loss, boost the immune system and aid digestion. This is only the start. A lot of drinks of old contained dandelions, they knew what they were on to!

DSC_0118 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

Are Dandelions A Weed

Well, botanists prefer to call them herbs rather than weeds

I have talked above about how we humans have used them for centuries as medication and as a supplement. You can actually eat them in entirety. They are originally from Eurasia and North America but here now they grow as a wildflower.

Do we call them weeds just because they can take over a lawn?

Of course, these yellow headed haunts of the pollinators would be gone by the afternoon’s end. I am sure they will rise again knowing my none green finger skills but I have left plenty more varieties of plants for them to enjoy. Bees filling their pollen sacks, butterflies in chasing and mating mode. Job done. Coffee o’clock. Sun was out. Calm peace and nature buzzing by.

DSC_0119 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

fl_730 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

It is always lovely to spend time looking at the small things in life and nature. Dandelions are a goldmine for insects and a goldmine for a macro photographer. A lazy sunny bit of time can be spent within the flowers capturing the minute details of these little fellows, going about their business creating a buzz.

DSC_0075 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

DSC_0110 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

When I am out on my walks, with camera, I always find it fascinating to look down amongst the flowers or to see the ground around us is absolutely full of life busily getting on with its day. It felt a real shame to have to dig up the dandelions they were supplying so much to the insects and more. Alas, had to be done in the name of a vain green lawn. But I shall think twice in future especially if there are no other options left for the bees.

DSC_00121 A Busy Day On The Dandelions

And to be honest, as we all know. It doesn’t take them long at all to grow back again! 😀

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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