Rome – Windows and Scenes

On the The Perfect Day in Rome visit of course it was a day for taking in the sights you sent us to. Rome has plenty, in fact more than plenty. Hundreds, even thousands of years worth of plenty! But.. it is not a city of ‘just’ famous sights. Whilst wandering the streets you get a feel for an identity, it is just there and you can feel it. Every corner and nook and cranny has a sight that delights. Bustling narrow alleyways that are arched with old walls. Windows everywhere decorated not with tacky modern, yet not left crumbling for olds sake. Charming in what I would say in the right sense.

DSC_0133 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0109 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0194 Rome – Windows and Scenes

Chilling outside a coffee shop, queuing for an attraction or even just pausing to reflect. Look up and around. Yes, the statues are of course a big draw looking up and around.. but the windows and decor on what seems each and every building leaves a moment to savour. looking back at the photos I took that day I noticed my photo eye had caught more of randomness of the buildings and streets than the main sights. These are only a tiny fraction.

DSC_01631 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_01731 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0170 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0332 Rome – Windows and Scenes

As dusk approaches in certain quarters of the city the buzz of small chatting crowds around the coffee bars transforms gently to drinking bars of many sorts. The buildings holding the bars together with all the surrounds heavily reminds you are so far from home yet in a wonderful place.  Music fills the air, conversations in full flow, together with all the animated arms of course

DSC_0380 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0376 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0381 Rome – Windows and Scenes

DSC_0383 Rome – Windows and Scenes

It was time for a drink to end a perfect day. Rome! Something for everybody.. Absolutely! Cheers

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Thanks for showing this different view of Rome :). It’s often the random things that makes a city but to which we don’t pay any attention. Good post. – Daphne

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