A Morning Coffee Shared With A Robin

Waking up to a white winter scene, yes winter has finally arrived in my part of the UK too. While everybody has been suffering from all the snow and ice around the UK, I was lucky enough to escape most of it. Winter weather can bring a lot of bad things, getting stuck in traffic, flights cancelled etc. But gladly it brings a lot of beauty as well. Snow covered hills, frozen lakes and I love the sound of fresh snow underneath my boots.

IMG_2098 A Morning Coffee Shared With A Robin

So after I woke up a little. I went out into my garden where I found this little Robin enjoying the snow and its breakfast. I sat down with my coffee and watched it happily hopping around. Like many people I think Robins are quite cute and they look beautiful in the snow. But, as with the winter weather, this beauty has a dark side too… They are one of the tamest bird species in Britain but are also known for viciously protecting their territory. Males will fight fiercely with one another to defend their territories, sometimes to the death. At least it let me take a few photos before it decided to fly off again 🙂

IMG_2108 A Morning Coffee Shared With A Robin

IMG_2105 A Morning Coffee Shared With A Robin

Written by Cindy Vriend

Graphic designer and illustrator with a great passion for photography. Founder of JustC Creative Design Studio.


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  1. Yes, Robins have always been very territorial, but there have been strange sightings in Pennsylvania for the past two years. Robins are no longer leaving for warmer climates in winter…climate change? They have been seen flying and landing on trees and lawns in flocks much like starlings. There also seems to be more of them. I have counted as many as 35 robins on my front lawn in February.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

    • Hi Madaline, thanks for your kind comment about my photos! Much appreciated. I’m starting to learn more and more about birds, so it’s all new to me 🙂 But very interesting, so thank you for your info also. I think I have a Robin couple living in and around my garden. They’ve been there all winter and they seem to tolerate other birds….

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