Hi all,

Thanks so much again for all the smiles and support wherever I may wander. Tis a joy to see you pop up in the streams.

Positivity is something I think you all know I love and the mug you saw me with in the above pic helps sum up how I am and how so many of you great friends are. The coming launch of BaldHikerTV involves a lot of running around behind the scenes and the support for the first video about Sark (below) that was kindly shown on Visit Britain I cannot thank you for enough.

I saw many of you saying you wanted one of these mugs so I managed to get hold of a couple more plus a Facebook one. And all you need to do is comment below where in future BaldHiker or BaldHikerTV should head and why? Maybe off the beaten track? A crazily forgotten nature paradise? The world is huge, let’s explore.

The winners will be chosen completely at random by number by an independent person at 8pm Thursday 13 Sep.  Good luck! 😀

Coming soon…..

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