Keep Calm And Twitter On.. Want To Win A Mug?


Hi all,

Thanks so much again for all the smiles and support wherever I may wander. Tis a joy to see you pop up in the streams.

Positivity is something I think you all know I love and the mug you saw me with in the above pic helps sum up how I am and how so many of you great friends are. The coming launch of BaldHikerTV involves a lot of running around behind the scenes and the support for the first video about Sark (below) that was kindly shown on Visit Britain I cannot thank you for enough.

I saw many of you saying you wanted one of these mugs so I managed to get hold of a couple more plus a Facebook one. And all you need to do is comment below where in future BaldHiker or BaldHikerTV should head and why? Maybe off the beaten track? A crazily forgotten nature paradise? The world is huge, let’s explore.

The winners will be chosen completely at random by number by an independent person at 8pm Thursday 13 Sep.  Good luck! 😀

Coming soon…..

Keep Calm And Twitter On.. Want To Win A Mug?


Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of BaldHiker. An avid hiker and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new Travels and adventures in Britain and around the world. Sharing personal views and stories here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. The Bald Hiker should visit beautiful Jeffreys Bay… Eastern Cape, South Africa.. One of the most beautiful little coastal towns in South Africa. SO MUCH TO DO.. Stunning place.. Plus, I just happen to own a holiday home there! So, he will have a place to stay :-))

  2. It would have to be somewhere in New Zealand! An area that is often missed by tourists is Piha, just to the West of Auckland! I reckon you’d love it!

  3. Saddleworth moors. They are beautiful but have such a macabre reputation which needs to be dispersed.
    As you know Paul, the moors are lush with flora and fauna and the views can be spectacular. The moors are steeped in history and need to be shown to the world that they have so much more to offer than being associated with the murders.

  4. I think you should go to Mexico to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. I have been there, but I am sure that I did not explore it half as much as you would and that would be amazing to see. Good luck – so looking forward to your continued traveling. Thank you 🙂

  5. You should go to Reunion Island, why? because I’m half from there and it’s a beautiful and magnificent volcanic island. If you are a hard core hiker (I know you are..) you should try le Piton des Neiges 🙂

  6. Come to the south east of Ireland! Viking towns, Europe’s oldest lighthouse, miles of breath taking coastlines.. heaven on earth.

  7. You are the man! So glad to have been a part of your world for these few years, as you explore ours in your own, special way. Keep on climbing and sharing.

  8. Hi Paul!
    Maybe the infamous Appalachian trail…if for no other reason than to bring you across the pond! 🙂
    Have a fantastic day!

  9. What about going along the flat German coast. There are interesting islands to see where you can do relaxing trips by bike.
    If you need a bigger challenge, I’d recommend the northern Alps or the wine area of Germany around the Mosel.
    Have a good choice! O:-)


  10. I would like to see you hike more in Scotland. Some of the smaller islands up there are like paradise on earth! And then theres’ the French Alps in the summer, and the Ardeche.

  11. Not far from where you live but little known in the rest of the country, the beautiful area of Rivington Pike and Anglezarke. I think they deserve to be better known!

  12. Trekking in Nepal.
    It’s 18 years since I trekked from Pokorah(sp?) up to the Tibetan Plateau – approx 5-day trek. Still ranks among my top 3 travelling experiences of all time. I would love to see how/whether much has changed along the trail.

  13. So many places in the US would make great places to explore. I can think of 2 right off the bat. How about Sedona, AZ or the Zion National Park in Utah. Both have just outstanding scenery, rock formations, etc.

  14. A great place would be the Grand Canyon or Sedona in Arizona. I’ve visited both and found them amazing especially the beauty of Sedona.
    Have fun wherever you go Paul!
    Your FB & Friend,
    Adela from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  15. I would love to know that your in Georgia! Cloudland Canyon in Rising Fawn Georgia is amazingly beautiful especially in the the fall! So excited and am waiting to see who wins! 😉

  16. Ok – it’s not the everglades, (don’t think there’s crocs), it’s not the drama of Niagara Falls but Embo and Dornoch (and surrounding area) in Sutherland is one of my favourite places on the planet. Rolling hills, coloured with heathers, waterfalls, rambling wildlife – i have seen stags and wild eagles and eaten a lot of salmon! The kind of place where you cannot see another person or house without travelling. The golf course by the sea is stunning and if you want history – try Dunrobin Castle ( Earl of Sutherland’s home) with its amazing turreted structure and more stunning manicured gardens. It also has a bird of prey collection that is demonstrated regularly. It’s the kind of place you would want to spend every Christmas! But, even after all that, my favourite part is the stunning beach, especially next to Grannies Hailen Hame……oh, and did i mention the whisky? Just up the road is the Glenmorangie distillery…….i plan on going back as mine is all gone! It’s also where my ancestors originate. Get your boots on Paul!

  17. Japan! Hokkaido specifically. Because its an amazingly beautiful country with amazing history, people, food and scenery. And they deserve as much support and publicity as they possibly can get since the earthquake and tsunami last year.

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