Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker’s New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

Okey Dokey.. Firstly can I thank you for the sharing and kind motivating comments whilst I am away and out and about on the trips tweeting live pics or sharing the posts. At the end of a trip I find I have so so many spare photos. Many for personal use or as a personal memory of a moment. There is always a fun side that although not for the blog posts themselves but always worthy of a smiles and share. So…. at the end of each trip it will be nice now to finish with a post like this. Smiles on the road 😀

First of course, the recent trip to Azerbaijan and Baku. Fire, mud volcanoes, ancient carvings and wonderful architecture. I only touched a small part of the country and will definitely be back. So much more to see and learn.

Over the days there I came across an amulet or symbol, shown hanging on the skull in the picture above. In the shape of an eye. Sometimes on sculptures, sometimes adorned and sometimes hanging from a wall. Of course the curiosity caused me to ask and in these parts the eye is a lucky charm. It is not evil in that it protects you and those close to you from negative intentions and evil. This symbol has been dated back as far as 5000 years.

Hats Galore

In the Old City of Baku hats and carpets are the shopping craze it seems. Of course I and my kind hosts had to give them a try 😀 Sheperds hat? Russian style? Traditional? (Of course I could never pass it off as good as Elshad) Which suits best?

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

See I don’t suit a new head of hair! 😀

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

The above may look smiley and sunny but did you know that just a couple of hours from Baku, in the mountains, they are building a huge Ski Resort. I didn’t get chance to see it ‘this time’ but Luxury Ski Holidays are in the making here. Miles and miles of slopes, lots of snow machines, 5 star accommodation. Sounds like an interesting skiing holiday ahead.

Italian Style In The Mud

Well, the road up to the mud volcanoes was basically, well, offroad. So we needed a well equipped taxi to get us up there. As you can see below we had a fine specimen of a vehicle. Did the job great 😀 Plus being a hiker I had the luxury of donning boots. I was accompanied by Sara, a graceful, stylish Italian whom had a problem, very expensive suede boots….. 4 plastic bags, problem solved 😉

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

Food of the Trip – Well, from the word go the food here was incredible. I always partake in the local food. The breads were always looked forward too as well as cheeses, fish fresh from the Caspian Sea and salads with lots of taste. One dish that I will always remember absolutely enjoying and wanting more was the Lamb Dolma. Lamb is plenty in Azerbaijan but wrapped in grape-leaves and served with yoghurt….. Gorgeous.

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

In the posts you will have seen I had many great views over the City of Baku. That was courtesy of the 360 Bar on top of the Hilton where they kindly looked after me superbly. Even inside the building showed a lot wether looking up from the lobby or down from a high floor 🙂

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

Azerbaijan and The BaldHiker's New Head of Hair [The Full Story]

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. I spent a month in that Hilton (bosses were there, I was staying at the hotel next door) and man I loved that elevator and the bar on top! They actually carried some nice Azerbaijani wines in the restaurant too, if I remember correctly.

  2. Paul, tell the truth this is the first blog that attracted me so much and involved me to read few articles in the first visit. One of the reasons is that you posted articles about the cities that I was born and the city where I live now.
    I’m originally from Azerbaijan and now live in San Francisco. I looked at the you photos taken in Azerbaijan and saw my ex-colleague Elshad in one this photos. I don’t know how did you meet with him but he also studied in the US. It’s really interesting! That’s why they say the world is not as big as you imagine! 🙂 Thanks for interesting posts!

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