Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

I just love waking up, peering out the curtains to see a gorgeous sunny day forming. Never worry about the temperature so early in the year for that, clothes help that matter. Sunny February days bring quiet roads, quiet tracks/paths and lots and lots of fresh air.

Northumberland is my new home and thus exploration awaits every time I step out the front door. Hills, fields and gorgeous views with of course plenty of the fresh air. The lambs are already appearing in the fields too!! Seemed they had as much a spring in their step as I did.

sheep1 Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

Today it was climbing up the hills and wandering along the valleys in any direction that seemed fit. No cares, just smiles. Looking out over the horizon at future climbs, admiring the treelines pre proper spring or watching the hounds Monty and Jasmine bound through the fields. See they aren’t always lazy 😉

photocoolsun_01 Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

photocoolsun_03 Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

dogs1 Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

tree Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

photocoolsun_02 Spring Ahoy – Hiking In The Cool Sun

It is back in training for me and some big foreign climbs ahead, but today reminds me it is not about altitude just or getting to the top just… It’s about getting out and having fun whilst free excercise comes with it and no pain 😀

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. Oh thank you so much for this post! Seeing the little lambs and their shadows, I could almost feel like I was right there breathing that air and feeling that giant gorgeous sky surround me! By the way, Monty and Jasmine look spectacular! May your travels be safe, breathtaking and blessed!

  2. I can smell the fresh air from your post Paul. makes me wanna put on my boots and get them muddy!

    PS: The dogs look seem very enthusiastic too 😉

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