Netherlands – A White Wonderland 1

I was lucky enough the other day to be arriving in the Netherlands, just as blue skies appeared after a snowfall. Even before I saw land the sun rising in the cold cold air from over the North Sea was a wonderful spectacle. It looks so calm and warm on this picture doesn’t it? Well the chill factor was most certainly there. Loved it 😀

Netherlands Winter - A White Wonderland

Soon enough the flat landscape appeared in this wonderful European country. So so different to many places I venture to. Flat.. no hills… flat and miles and miles of more flat landscape. I have to admit it is so refreshing to see life in a whole new perspective this way. And, wow, the fresh frozen snow, the trees frozen white, miles and miles of natural whiteness contrasting against the deep blue sky. A spectacle to remember.

Netherlands Winter - A White Wonderland

In fact, The Netherlands is a wonderful country to visit at any time of the year! Big skies and wonderful sunrises and sunsets greet you on many days.

Netherlands Winter - A White Wonderland

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  1. amaaaazing sights!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Robert Bell says:

    Beautiful shots, Paul. I’m impressed – but , having lived in the Netherlands for 26 years, it’s the Dutch people who have impressed me as much.

  3. Great pictures! Just because our country is that flat, you can make the like all over the country. Enabling graphical compositions using either straight lines, flat areas or beautiful patterrns of trees for example. We as Dutch may be used to it but nevertheless when snow has fallen it’s amazing how many people grab their camera in attempt to catch most beautiful views, knowing that it often doesn’t last for more than two or three weeks.

  4. It's always fun to read what foreigners think of your country. I myself am quite bored with our flat Dutch landscape… There's nothing to see! I prefer the UK, actually. To me it's much friendlier and more flowing than ours. But I do love these photos. I do like snowy landscapes, especially when the sky is blue and the sun is shining.

  5. These are remarkable photos Paul. I hope to be doing that later this year. I'll be heading to the UK first. 🙂

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