I was lucky enough the other day to be arriving in the Netherlands, just as blue skies appeared after a snowfall. Even before I saw land the sun rising in the cold cold air from over the North Sea was a wonderful spectacle. It looks so calm and warm on this picture doesn’t it? Well the chill factor was most certainly there. Loved it 😀

Netherlands031 Netherlands – A White Wonderland

Soon enough the flat landscape appeared in this wonderful European country. So so different to many places I venture to. Flat.. no hills… flat and miles and miles of more flat landscape. I have to admit it is so refreshing to see life in a whole new perspective this way. And, wow, the fresh frozen snow, the trees frozen white, miles and miles of natural whiteness contrasting against the deep blue sky. A spectacle to remember.

Netherlands02 Netherlands – A White Wonderland

Netherlands01 Netherlands – A White Wonderland