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Lunan Bay

I like my landscapes and I like my mountains but many out there capture a shot of what could look like a simple thing so well. On his travels Scott Jessiman does this very thing brilliantly. A wide open beach, a set of curved stairs. He just has the natural eye! Simplistic yet so effective. Here, let hime take you through some of his favourite pictures…..

From the desk of Scott Jessiman

Hi everyone I’m at Scott and I’m 28 from the East Coast of Scotland, which is home to some really stunning beaches and of course the beautiful city of Edinburgh. I have been interested in photography for about 10 years, come to think of it time does fly that’s for sure. I love photography and I’ve been taking photos for about 10 years, ever since I picked up  my first real camera I really haven’t looked back. At the moment I really enjoy taking seascape images but I love urban night and black and white photography, there is something about the great tones and depth of a black and white image which just grabs me.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 2

I was visiting a friend in Edinburgh and we decided to visit the Nation Museum of Scotland and whilst we were wandering around I just loved these stairs, so I made sure my friend walked down first and took this image. I just love the curve and the light on the stairs and the lonely figure, so I converted to black and white and it just brought it all together.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 3

I caught this image on a misty night in Edinburgh, I was actually on my way home when I spotted this scene and couldn’t resist not taking any photographs. The shadows of the bollards and the light with the mist was very eerie and atmospheric so it was just a matter of finding the best way of framing this shot.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 4

This was the view of the path that I had to walk through to get home, it was a bit spooky to say the least so what better way to remember it by, by taking a few photographs. I love the hazy light blending with the mist, just a rather scary view point and looked like something out of a horror film.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 5

I loved the light and the clear sea of this image and with that rather moody sky adding some atmosphere. This was taken on the Islay one of the western isles of Scotland, the weather changes constantly on Islay and one minute it could be snowing and the next minute you could just be wearing a t-shirt.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 6

This is one of my favourite images, i just loved that moody sky and the jetty leading out to the sea with the boat at the end. This was taken in British Columbia on salt Spring Island.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 7

I saw this scene as I was walking through local woods and was blown away with the light coming down behind this tree, this solitary tree was the only one of it’s kind in this wood. It’s the light that made it and I gave it a sepia tone in the processing stage to add a classical feel to it.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 8

Image taken whilst on holiday in Copenhagen, I captured this image as a woman was walking along a corridor in the glyptoteket museum . It’s almost  like a mirrored image because the outline of the woman is like the statue at the end of the hall. The clean space and the height add depth to the image.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 9

Image taken whilst I was out taking photographs for a jockey who was training his horse on the beach, Just as he’d finished and started walking down to the beach I had to change my film and as i looked up I spotted this scene and loved the way it looked. I cant actually believe it but it was snowing also which is very surreal being on a beach whilst it’s snowing.

Sunrise at Elie beach was a cold frosty morning which was freezing but the light was perfect for an early morning photo shoot, the low light long exposures you get from sunrise are something which I only recently taken up seriously so i still have a lot to learn. I liked how the two rocks at either side frame the image and I really like the light reflecting on the wet rocks. The small island in the middle is the isle the Isle of May.

The Minimalistic Mood With Scott Jessiman 10

Well thanks to Cindy for spotting my work and asking me if I’d like to be a featured on this brilliant site, it’s one thing for someone to like your work but it means even more to the artist if you leave a little message of appreciation. I will continue photographing until I can no longer push the shutter release, it’s one of these passions once it’s in your blood it’s hard to remove.

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  1. Avatar of Scott Jesiman Scott Jesiman says:

    Thank you both for your comments, really appreciate you spending the time to look through my work.



  2. What a lovely series of shots. I've been to Salt Spring Island many times and you have certainly captured it well. The jockey image is stellar – and looks a little medieval to my mind.

  3. Wow, those are amazing! Scott is very talented.