Skippy the Dub

It’s been said that you should never meet your heroes. A few years ago, during a trip to Cornwall I found out exactly why.
This is Skippy, a classic 1972 Volkswagen Campervan. My wife Sarah and I rented him with huge excitement since we’ve often entertained the thought of buying one.

Skippy belongs to Chase the Sun, a camper hire company in Preston, Lancashire. We picked him up and drove the 350 miles to Cornwall via an overnight stop in Wales. Now far be it from me to deter anyone from renting a classic camper, after all, it is every fair-weather hippy’s dream to one day throw off the shackles of modern life and adopt the life of the wonderer. However, the truth is that I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by the conveniences of modern life and, in particular, technological advances such as power steering, air conditioning and a driver’s seat that one can position to suit one’s bulky frame. I do also now appreciate the comfort of hotels that much more. Skippy is the worst vehicle I’ve ever driven and one of the worst places I’ve ever slept. Nevertheless, we did enjoy seeing as much of Cornwall as we could fit into a week.

This small collection represents a few favourites among the pictures I took during our trip, which included visits to Bude, Porth, Newquay and the Eden Project.

Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

Porth Sunset

Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

Port Sunset and Vagrant

A gift for anyone with a camera, this was one of the most perfect sunsets I’ve ever seen. It lasted for over an hour, evolving through a spectrum of pale pinks through to deep purples.  We took more than a hundred shots, up to our ankles in water getting drunk on Rosé. I must take this opportunity to show appreciation for Sarah’s contribution here, as she was not only the subject of the shot, but is also camera assistant, carrying the camera kit while I wondered about with a camera in one hand and the wine bottle in the other.

Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

The Eden Project

Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

The Core at The Eden Project

The trip felt like a proper adventure. We continually got lost thanks to an over-confident Sat Nav (which, for instance, didn’t seem to think a field of potatoes would prove an obstacle to a 35 year old bed on wheels) which led us to places we’d never otherwise have found. My favourite memories are of damp, mossy villages hidden beneath the canopies of oak trees that sold local cheese and beer. Or the tiny fishing ports that cling to the insides of steep, rocky prominences and where you feel it has always rained, where the most dominant structure is the local chapel, a monument to those lost to the deadly cruelty of the grey, heaving sea which grabs and snatches at the rocks and small piers that embrace trembling fishing boats.

Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

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  1. Christopher says:

    Beautiful! What an incredible black and white shot of those cliffs. I’ve been to Cornwall but you’ve obviously been there better. Wow.

  2. Unlesss you’re from New York you don’t get to omplain until you’ve done it on a motorcycle…as I did from 1989-1993.

  3. Lovely photos, bit of HDR going on? we have a couple of campers and when not on hire are out and about in them,
    Henry’s campsite at the Lizard is a great alternative site for camping, loads of dubs go there
    it’s kind of a hippy campsite really unusual and worth a visit.

  4. Wftristan says:

    Ahhh the Motherland – Grew up in Cornwall – best place in the world


  5. Beth Campbell says:

    Some brilliant pictures here! Would love to go cruising in a camper! great article. keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. Thta’s the dream of life! Awesome!
    I always wanted a VW old school campervan and travelling around Cornwall with it…
    Maybe you can lend it to us? 😉
    Ahahah! Just kidding!

  7. Crikey! Blows all of my photos of the South West Coastal Path right out of the water! Absolutely stunning photography and a great article. The Eden Project doesn't even look real, it looks like a miniature model…

  8. AMAZING sunset photos! Love the first pic with the car too, great colors in it 🙂

  9. Ahh the Porth sunset. The colors are so breathtaking.

  10. Cool pics mate, but you can't blame a bus from the 70s for not having mod cons!

  11. I spent 3 weeks walking the Cornish coast path out of St Just… and the skies where just phenomenal I love your shot… I could stare into it forever… sorry the van sucked… but good to have your best friend at your side to enjoy such an awesome trip :~)

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