A trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a stroll along the Southbank. It is lovely at any time of year, with its cafés and restaurants, theatres and book stalls. But I especially love it in the winter – on clear, crisp days – when you can amble along without the crowds of summer.

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-2 Winter On London's Southbank

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-3 Winter On London's Southbank

As nightfall approaches, beneath the magical glow of the London Eye, the Southbank continues to buzz with visitors of all ages. Chatty groups of theatre goers, day trippers, couples holding hands… they all pass along the riverside, entertained by the mime artists and talented buskers.

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-4 Winter On London's Southbank

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-5 Winter On London's Southbank

The London Plane trees that brighten up the city seem especially pretty along the banks of the Thames. (Despite their name, they’re not actually a British native, but a hybrid of the American Sycamore and the Oriental Plane.) I have great respect for these hardy trees and like to include them in my photos to create a balance with the urban structures.

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-6 Winter On London's Southbank

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-7 Winter On London's Southbank

On my last visit to the Southbank, I was treated to a winter wonderland – complete with an ice rink and Christmas Market! I tried to capture the sparkling atmosphere in my photos…. Hope you like them!

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-8 Winter On London's Southbank

Sarah-Rees-Southbank-9 Winter On London's Southbank