Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

Pembrokeshire, South West Wales is one of kind. It contains the only coastal National Park in the UK with 186 miles of a wonderous coastal path. Variety is more than guaranteed with dramatic cliffs, sandy bays, birds nesting in the seaswept rocks and buildings of history.

My base for this hiking adventure contains more than a little history itself, nevermind beauty. Celtic Haven cottages sit overlooking the sea near Tenby. The cottages are 12 century and buildings with all the comforts you can wish for. Relaxing, spacious, hosted with pride. Magical. The hounds are able to join me here making it even more special to share the fresh air and views with my short legged family.

Wonderful base – 12th century cottage of Celtic Haven

When you have just a couple of days it is so hard to choose which section of the coast to hike. All looks so inviting. Finally a decision was made, to head not too far West from the cottage and hike westwards along the coast. Turned out a great plan.

You do not have to walk many miles at all along the Pembrokeshire coast to see some of nature at its best. Barafundle Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Britain. Its accessability being only on foot from over the cliffs makes the beach stand out in glory from its dunes to the sea without the crowds. Cliff views stand in awe from right to left whenever you turn to the sea. Stacks of rock rising from the sea shaped through time bring a fantasy feel to the scene. Below are only a small percentage of what I experienced on only a small percentage of this wonderous place.

IMG_2313 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2320 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

The hounds ready for the descent to the gorgeous Barafundle Bay.

IMG_2335 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2336 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2353 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2361 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

Broad Haven – A beautiful bay that attracts hikers, surfers, canoeists, beach lovers et al.

IMG_2365 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2367 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2369 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

IMG_2350_pano_small Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

Stack Rocks – Pillars of limestone, a haven for thousands of nesting seabirds

IMG_2372 Pembrokeshire – Hiking A Wonder Of Wales

I loved it, the hounds loved it, and even the weather started to love us more as the day progressed. If these few miles today threw up all the scenes above and more all I can say is bring on the rest of it soon… please.

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Fantastic images of our beautiful coastline. Is it any wonder it was named as the best region on Earth by Lonely Planet?.

  2. These two buddies are adorable -:))
    Thanks to let me know the beauty of Your country – countryside much closer !
    Usually we are mostly looking in London …. -:))

  3. Beautiful part of the country. Places like Pembrokeshire remind me why it's not such a bad thing to holiday at home in the UK. I've been to many places in the world, and few of the coastlines I've seen rival the Pembrokeshire coast.

  4. Stunning photos Paul. The Pembrokeshire coast looks spectacular. I have a Welsh mother & I love what I have seen of Wales.
    I'm also a little partial to good looking hounds & your two are very handsome ! woof !
    It's great that you could stay at a pet friendly cottage & take them hiking too.

  5. fantastic Paul. What a beautiful country we are so privileged to live in. I spent a few days on that coast myself some years ago, and it also reminds me of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. love your dogs!!!! they are so cute. thanks for sharing these fab photos.

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