What A Beautiful World You Live In! (Part 2)

Beautiful World

Last year we got together and shared each others pics and voice via ‘What A Beautiful World You Live In Pt 1‘. The response was fantastic and I thank all of you so much whom took part, sang, shared a picture of their home area, and all the lovely people who shared it and gave nice comments.It is purely in the name of community spirit and smiles. Sharing and looking, a couple of minutes escape around the world with some great friends from Twitter.

Over the past few months I have been asked if there was to be another? So, for the past couple of weeks I have been calling for pics of where YOU live….. Here you go. Thank you ALL:

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele


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  1. It was a pleasure to see the pics from around the world and especially to see our son Mike Cliffe involved in your presentation.

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