Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

In the last post we went up high on this little Hawaiian Isle. But I can truly say that the coast in all directions holds some gorgeous surprises. With Lanai being so small and having only one city the few tarmac roads soon turn into dust tracks out in all directions. Perfect to explore and discover, 4×4 style. Beauty awaits!

Out to the North, through the old pineapple plantations sits an amazing landscape, The Garden of The Gods. Desert-like, otherworld-like, hard to describe! Red earth, ancient lava combined with rock. All this combines to bring colours of all ranges and a beautiful spectacle. A must see. It is so called due to ancient Hawaiian legend that the gods dropped the rocks as they tended their garden.

P1040228 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040229 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040230 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040234 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

Further round you can marvel at shipwreck beach. 8 miles of beach facing the neighbouring isle of molokai. The water here is not for swimming but as you laze or walk on the sand you are greeted by sea turtles enjoying a feast within feet of you. Heads popping up for air all along. The current and shallow depths in this strait has caused peril to many a ship in history.

P1040273 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040278 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040297 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

But, after the adventure where to rest or explore more? Well, back at the Four Seasons Hotel you can have it all! The location is second to none to say the least! You can take in the comfort of the grounds with a beautiful pool and dining/bar with views over Manele Bay and across the pacific. There is even a beautiful full golf course to take on. Or with just the shortest of strolls you are at Manele Bay itself. White sands with turquoise water are only the start of it. The purples reflecting on it in the sunrise/set are unlike many others…. but… most days the locals… dolphins… make their way right into the bay bringing a nature show you won’t forget.

P1040294 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040225 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

P1040288 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

IMG_2225 Lanai – A Coast of Paradise

See.. A little Isle with lot’s and lot’s 😀

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Aloha Paul! …having been raised on Lana’i…it is a place to find a world full of beauty. As we say here in Hawai’i…Mahalo! Thank You for sharing what I have enjoyed and still get to enjoy on Lana’i!

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