Twitter, a constant stream of teamwork, support and motivation. When off on one of my climbs or challenges I am amazed and humbled by the support of Twitter friends. Truly. From the charitable support up Kilimanjaro, the motivation on the huge rock that is Mt Aconcagua, or even the worldwide support for a distance/time peak challenge in the UK. I thank you so much.

Statements I get quite a lot is ‘I wish I could go do something like that’ or ‘I would love to get up a mountain like that but how’? WELL, Here is a chance.

I thought the best way to help was for a team of first timers to have a go on a great high trekking mountain with me. A TwitterTeam from around the world, supporters and friends coming together for charity and to achieve lifetime dreams and goals.

The Mountain: Mera Peak, the highest trekking mountain in the Himalayas standing at 6,476 metres (21,247 ft). In the Everest range there is no technical climbing but high altitude and days trekking will require some degree of fitness. A goal like this may be all you need. It worked for me !

Dates: 3 weeks in April 2012.

Charity: Charity Water. In fact we have raised over $3000 and by the end of the climb we will want to have raised as much as possible. Please donate here.


1. Sponsorship.We are looking for a great company to partner with. A new site is being built incorporating the team, news, charity work and the climb itself. We can provide details of what we need plus all the great things and ROI you will get in return, this is a global team and lots to share over the next 10 months or so. Please email here if you are interested.

2. Team Place up for grabs. Yes, have you ever thought of climbing high but never thought you could? Want to be in a team of peers? Want to have a goal to help your fitness? Want to trek high in the Himalayas and look across to the top of Everest after your hard work and toil? If you worry then be safe in the knowledge there will be a Great guide, doctor and plenty of the great great sherpas to help you as we make our way through Nepalese valley villages, up to great heights and marvel at the world before us. It does get emotional and a journey you will never forget.

MeraPeak2 TwitterTeam Himalayas - Invite to Get Involved

If you want to enter the great team on this journey please send a video clip (max 30 secs) to email, showing why you are the tip top person to go for it πŸ™‚

Maybe you have a fitness goal? A dream to stand above the clouds? A wish to do something for the greater good?

Enter your clips by 31 July 2011 and they will be shown all together at the new Twitterteam Website to be voted on by your friends along with judged by some great big names. All voting, judging will take place by end Aug. πŸ™‚ Please be my guest, would be great to see ya!