Experiencing Nepal through the eyes of Steve Akins

Nepal, a travellers dream, a photographers dream. It has famed mountains and culture, but as every traveller knows these places are so much more than that. We can capture pictures and we can describe but to see and feel it oneself is another thing. Twitter friend @SteveAkinsSEO spent some time over there and amassed a great deal of fantastic photography and memories. I am honoured to show you here some of what he saw and felt.

From the desk of Steve Akins

Last October I had the opportunity to visit Nepal. In my mind, I was heading to the mountains for a hiking adventure – the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas. These are some of the most beautiful mountains and hikes in the world. What I discovered was not only awesome mountain beauty with ever-changing landscapes and wildlife, but an incredible wealth of cultures, traditions and hospitality. What follows is a very small sampling of pictures of my favorite memories. I can’t recommend Nepal enough as a travel destination.

Remember, next April, 2012 you’ll have the opportunity to explore Nepal, if only virtually, with the Bald Hiker himself, Paul Steele and our Twitter friends. They will be climbing Mera Peak in the Everest range, highest trekking peak in Nepal, to raise funds for charity: water. They need your help.  Join the adventure. Make a difference!

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Great photos! Makes me want to go there… my only hesitation is that I’m likely to suffer from the altitude. I didn’t do so well with the altitude in Peru (on a trip last year). Still, I might get to Nepal one day… thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs and inspiring me to think about travelling there.

  2. Hi,

    I’m just back from doing the Annapurna circuit. I have some of the same pictures. Entire trip and country are sublime. All hikers and adventurers should crank Nepal up their destination list to be top 5. Excellent pictures.


  3. Ahh damn, I am really jealous. I have a problem with heights like that, so I will most likely never get to travel as high as this. The photos are awesome though. Great post, Steve!

  4. That's fantastic! I'll admit it I've added Nepal to my bucket list about 5 years ago…I just can't seem to get away from going home (Italy) every vacation. However, after seeing Steve's pictures I've pushed it up in my upcoming vacation list.

  5. Thanks a lot. Really it is so beautiful pictures. Hope, you will visit again Nepal.

  6. Really Beautiful pictures! Thanks a lot for visit Nepal. You are hearty welcome again and again.

  7. Really Beautiful pictures! Thanks a lot for visit Nepal. You are hearty welcome again and again.

  8. Stunning images. Nepal is one of our favourite countries both for climbing and photography. How can you not love a country with amazing people and breathtaking vistas. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks guys! Nepal is truely a beautiful country in so many ways and yes, Lava, it deserves much love. 🙂

    Love mountain climbing, Anita, but for the moment feeling more like a mountain trekker than climber. 🙂

  10. Nepal is one of the best country in Asia for sight seeing….The post here itself shows what i am saying…..The pics are so beautifully clicked that i like all the ones….Nepal gives a great chance to the travelers to have a handshake with the nature….

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