Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

This morning I woke up in a grey covered Pennines, a quick trip to Manchester and then within one and a half hours landed in Guernsey. Lovely, hazy sun, views and experiences abound!

Guernsey, a Channel Island, only 24 square miles, but miles of walking, many visual delights and culture and history to absorb. It was an honour to be met for island familiarisation by the lovely Gill Girard, an experienced guide that within just a few hours had not only given me a taster showing me each corner of the Island but had left me hungry for more. We wandered to and glimpsed at the cliffs of the south, the sandy bays of the north, the various hamlets and beauty of the inner countryside plus the slightly more bustling but stunning St Peter Port.

guernsey-1-007 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

I even got to see some of the more quirky elements. Take a look at these goats below. These are young golden guernsey goats, only 1000 in existence and I can tell you first hand the cheese they produce is delicious.

guernsey-1-017 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to get my boots on and get some great miles in. I headed north to the more flatter shores and walked along the coast from Rousse Tower to Pembroke Bay. White sands, beaches/bays, dramatic rockscapes and turqoise water. Quite remarkable. Didn’t want to stop.

guernsey-1-031 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

guernsey-1-049 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

There are lots of things that struck me. The quietness. Even though the gorgeous sandy beaches were there to be enjoyed the fact that geographically (island) they could not be swamped made them even more peaceful and enduring. On the walk, the paths are perfectly preserved (all the coastline is covered) and yet the feeling of being away from all and the minimal meeting of others as you wander feels somewhat special.

guernsey-1-042 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

guernsey-1-057 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

I am staying right in the centre of the island at La Roche, a very comfortable guest house set in a wonderful Georgian building. My hosts Jane and David instantly make you feel at home and are a fountain of local knowledge. Together with the knowledge of Visit Guernsey I am sure that all will be covered in my quest to learn and experience this lovely island.

guernsey-1-061 Guernsey Day 1 – Getting about

Tomorrow? A very short ferry to the little island of Herm, an exploration of more of St Peter Port and watch the sunset on the West 🙂

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. Wow Paul, what an incredibly beautiful location. Those goats look like they're having a great time 🙂

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