I am often asked whilst I am out hiking the mountains for days on end… “How do you manage to tweet all the time, especially when you are not near a plug socket for your phone”?

PowerMonkey5 Tweeting and Adventuring - Powermonkey Explorer GiveawayWell, yes I do hike and tweet, and yes, when camping along for days I do not have the customary ability to charge from the wall. The answer? I always travel with my Powermonkey Explorer. With the solar panel attached to my rucksack and a little robust pack being charged as I hike in the daylight. Ready to charge my phone and other devices when I wish.

I was very kindly invited by Diana (@adamsconsulting) of the great bitrebels site to write an article on the gadget. If you want a detailed rundown on the Powermonkey and how I use it please read here > The Ultimate Power To Hike and Tweet.

Now then, would you like to get your hands on one for free? I have a brand new boxed Powermonkey Explorer with very kind thanks to Powertraveller.com (Twitter: @Powermonkeys) and if you want a chance to own it all you need to do is add a comment below stating where in the wilderness you would love to get out and use it πŸ™‚ The winner will be picked totally at random on random.org on Sunday 24 April 2011 at 7 pm GMT. Please make contact details easy.

reddotdesign Tweeting and Adventuring - Powermonkey Explorer Giveaway

This competition is now closed. At 7 pm 24 April 2011Β  Comments at the time numbered 1 – 20 (1 per person) Random.Org gave the number 3 (see below)

Picture-12 Tweeting and Adventuring - Powermonkey Explorer Giveaway

Congratulations Joyce Cherrier. Will post soonest πŸ™‚