Norway – Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

Well yesterday we arrived on our Norway, Your Way adventure! Five of us from all round Europe taking in a whole lot that Norway has to offer. What a start it was for us. Today started off with a train ride from Oslo to Lillehammer. The home of the 1994 winter Olympics.

lillehammer-001 Norway - Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

Tobogganing. Not like I know back home, but great, fast, long way down type tobogganing! All of us had great fun, each run getting braver and braver until the brakes became obsolete. Whilst there we were invited to lunch in a tipi of all things. A great feast of reindeer and elk stew. Washed down with Acquavit (a local alcoholic drink that sure warms you up).

bob2 Norway - Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

Then we were treated to a tour round the Olympic museum, situated in the hall the 1994 olympic hockey was held. Lots learnt, warmed up it was time to move on and take on…. the bobsleigh!

bob1 Norway - Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

Wow! 6 of us to the car and down we went…. 3 times down the Olympic bobsleigh track. Up to 100 kmh and the force of 3G’s felt, your head literaly gets rattled and I have gained a whole new respect for the real guys doing this at full speed. What an amazing experience.

One of the guys even managed to get video footage of 1 of our Bobsleigh runs…

Tonight? Well after a hearty elk burger we are sleeping in the ice hotel.

lillehammer-040 Norway - Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

lillehammer-043 Norway - Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

What a wonderful idea and it looks and feels cool in all senses. In the ice bar we drank blue vodka out of ice glasses and relish the thought of sleeping in this pure winter wonderland.

lillehammer-045 Norway - Lillehammer, Speed and an Ice Hotel

I am sure each day will bring fantastic experiences and I look forward to sharing as we go along 🙂

Written by Paul Steele

Paul is the founder and Editor of the site. An avid hiker and trekker. Travel, adventure and photography are passions that he combines to make his articles here. Likes to see the positive in everything.


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  1. It's not a tipi. The Sami tent used in Norway is called a Lavvo. Seems like you're having a great trip in my wonderful homeland 🙂

  2. The photos are awesome, my first time following you on an adventure. First saw you via search, since we'd be going to Kilimanjaro in 20days.

    Really looking forward to the Norway, your way posts. <3, great job.

  3. Hi Paul, OMG!!! That bobsleigh run looks terrific!!! Thanks for sharing your trip to Norway with your readers. Have a wonderful time up there and I'm very much looking forward to read your next posts. Stay stafe and have fun! Hugs, Caro 🙂

  4. Wow Paul! Your trip seems amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your adventurous tales, and your wonderful photos! Have a fantastic time, I look forward to reading more about your fun experiences in Norway.

  5. Hi Paul, I am envious. What a full day of activities. This ice hotel is cool (no pun intended). Nice pics. Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  6. Wow Paul, what an amazing experience and you're only one day into your trip!

    Breathtakingly beautiful photographs .. I'm looking forward to your day 2 report already 🙂

  7. Paul,
    The pictures ate truely awesome. My great grandfather is from Norway and I have relatives there. Enjoy the sights and the culture. Look forward to seeing more pics. I'm following you on twitter. Johnnyo31

    John Olson

  8. Again I say with regret that I didn't hide myself in your luggage – it truly looks like a wonderful time! They couldn't have chosen a better storyteller!

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