Climbing High by Mariel Hemingway

I love mountains we all know that! But it is a wonderful joy to meet like minded people whom enjoy all that the mountains provide and finding out what makes them love getting out and upwards.  The lovely and positive @Marielhemingway is one such person, who has taken a passion for climbing and hiking to reach new heights.  Here is an insight in her own words on how climbing has inspired her and how she gains so much from it.

From the desk of Mariel Hemingway……..

When I think of climbing I think of silence peace and challenge. I have not climbed for long… a little over a year but I have been hiking and loving nature all of my life. My love of the outdoors never ceases to grow in intensity. Nature gives me what people cannot… truth honesty and unconditional love. It guides with the power of temperature smell tastes and sensations that thrill me in and out!

mariel2 Climbing High by Mariel Hemingway

Since I began to climb I have an understanding of mountains in a different way. I am sure you have heard this that climbing makes you present. For me it makes me humble real and aware. I cannot do the shopping or worry about my daughters or my career or what I am going to make for dinner. I can only “be” when I am on the side of a rock.

I have climbed a little in Yosemite, the Buttermilks, Joshua tree and right here near my home in Malibu state park. I am not skilled but I am enthusiastic to learn and get better. I am disturbed that I don’t use my legs more and that I cry when I get scared and I get scared often. And most of the time I am on top rope, which means that I can’t really fall because my boyfriend Bobby @bwillbe is always there for me.

At the end of the day getting outside and breathing and taking in the beauty of mother nature is what moves me… takes my breath away. When I climb I am more connected to that thrill. I can only focus on the task at hand… it occupies my mind my body and my senses. When I am finished I have a heightened sense of awareness of everything in me and around me that I didn’t have before. I am more me than I was and that is a gift.

Written by Paul Steele

Founder of and avid hiker, climber and trekker. Never liking to sit still and always seeking new adventures around the world. Sharing personal views here and tweeting live via @paul_steele

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  1. I love your honest presentation of what you love about hiking/climbing and about what still scares you. But, isn't that where life's true thrills grab us? When we overcome natural fears and go out and DO it, in spite of them! I love hiking, too and only started seriously in the last few years, taking it to a huge level for me this April with Paul in the Himalayas…you should join us! 🙂 Since you're close, you should consider Idyllwild for world class rock climbing. I'm sure your BF has heard of Tahquitz and Suicide rocks. Gorgeous surrounds! (I'm still too scared of rock climbing to go beyond an indoor wall, so I applaud you!) Enjoy and thank you for sharing your passion! Gina

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