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A few months ago I did a post on wasps and hornets. That is one of my least favourite beings but got me thinking about some I do like. Quite frankly there are thousands and thousands of animals/creatures that I love to see and learn about. Some of my goals in life are to see as many as possible untouched by humans in their own habitat and not behind a fence or glass. I thought I would share with you just a small few I admire:

The Orangutan

A wonderful ape. One that I could sit and watch for hours. Their eyes and expressions tell stories but their future tells a very sad one. The current population of the Orangutan is confined to now just Borneo and Sumatra.  Their habitat is being torn down at an amazing rate to make way for palm oil plantations. Some mothers (whom do not reproduce that often or quickly) are also killed so their young can be used as pets. Their population is decreasing at approximately 1000 per year leaving a current estimate population of 6,500 (Sumatra) and 40,000 (Borneo). This could be the first great ape to disappear …. very soon!

The Hippopotamus

Happy Hippo, Hungry Hippo, plushes, toys and cartoons have helped to make this huge mammal the seemingly cute and cuddly creature we know and love. One of the most common photos you see is one where it is seen yawning. Actually this pose is not a yawn. If you do get close to one yawning…. move! It is a threat to stay away. They can outrun a human easily despite their bulk and their canine teeth reach a staggering half a metre in length. Often seen cooling in mud or water this wonderful animal got it’s name from the ancient greek for ‘river horse’ but they have been found to come from the line of whales and porpoises.

smiling hippo


Have you ever watched a sea horse? Clumsily fluttering around in the water looking so out of place.  Weird and wonderful creatures they are. Yes, they are fish.  They do have a few facts about them that make them intriguing to researchers. The male bears the unborn young – The female deposits eggs in his pouch which he fertilizes, cares for and when ready releases the born young. They have no stomach or teeth so have to virtually continuously eat to live.

yellow seahorse

I did say the list of my favourite animals is extensive and look forward to musing about a few more in the coming weeks and months.  Thank you so much for reading. P.

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  1. Great information in addition to great photos. I especially love the photo of the orangutans. Perfect capture! I didn't realize their numbers were dwindling so fast. Sad.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Paul. I love it!!!! Nature and everything in it is just beautifully stunning. =)

  3. I do love all animals (welll, mostly) and would really keen to learn as well. Particularly orangutan is close to my heart. Their expressions and behaviours are just amazing and I would really want to keep their existence in this world and live in balance with the rest of us!

  4. LadySelene says:

    As ALL your "ART" these are AMAZING!!! I look forward to Every One of your Tweets!
    Mornings, looking at the photos put a Smile in my heart, Great way to start the Day!
    Throughout the day, they are the BEST DE-Stresser I have yet to find!
    Well, 2nd Best – Taking Photo's is the BEST!!!
    Looking Forward to seeing much more from you.
    ~ Bright Blessings, Happy 2011 ~

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