With 2 or more big challenges coming up in the next 12 months it’s all go go go with training at the moment. Yesterday I looked outside and saw… fog… dense fog. Not the day for going on the hills I thought, but my sense of needing to and the goals ahead got me running around putting boots on.

Well, I am so glad I did. Once up above the low fog and cloud the running around the moors became a big treat.

image03-1 Keep Going Keep Going! Onwards and Upwards

I have always allowed myself one distraction whilst out and about. That is to be able to stop now and then to admire what’s happening in the views abround me. It is hard not to look so why not enjoy it, it’s a perk of working to get up there. So glad my phone with camera in hand as ever.

image01-2 Keep Going Keep Going! Onwards and Upwards

It doesn’t matter where you are, this time I was only local my native Saddleworth hills.  Next time could be the Lakes or the Dales.  It matters not where or how high, as long as out and up, the views and nature will take care of the rest no matter the weather.

image02-2 Keep Going Keep Going! Onwards and Upwards