Whenever I am getting ready for a big trekking or mountain challenge it’s only natural I want to get out and about training as much as possible.  During the summer of course this is a task taken with relative ease and enjoyment with views to boot.

Now the snow has arrived however I get more than a second wind.  I find training in winter totally invigorating! I love it. Real training!

I am snowed in, I live in the Pennine hills, what should I do? Put my boots on, pick a hill nearby and aim for the top.  Beats staring at the same walls in the gym and saves sitting around all day watching newsreaders on TV make snow look as though it only comes as often as Halley’s comet.

image02-1 The First Snow! Let's Go!

Most of all though it provides perfect training.  Fast climbing in deep snow is a great heart and lungs workout.  Cold fresh air blowing in the face becoming colder and harder near the tops provides an experience you never get on a warm drab wet day in summer.  The views are totally different, reigniting previously trodden routes. The sense of being out there in free open space becomes more apparent too, the busy paths of summer long gone.  Plus don’t you just love that feeling of getting home, wrapping your hands around a mug of your favourite warm beverage.

image01-1 The First Snow! Let's Go!

In the last couple of days I have realised again a new winter bounce in my step in my training for future big challenges. Crampons and ice axe are at the ready to go and do another winter climb of Mt snowdon at the weekend.  My head is on the goals hopefully my car is to get me there too.

image03 The First Snow! Let's Go!