Yes I hike and climb…. a lot! So, what dogs do I have? Border Collie? Labrador? Spaniel? nooooooo I have 2 lazy, stubborn, smelly twin Basset Hounds. But you know what? I love em to bits 🙂

For their own health and safety (short legs, heavy weight, big long bodies) I cannot take them on any steep climbs and thus you will see me do many more relaxed or even flatter walks too.  They are such a joy to wander with.  Warning.. Must have patience.

These two are rescued.  In fact you would not believe how many of this breed are taken into care.  We have all seen the adorable Hush Puppy ads or posters with Bassett pups on..adorable I am sure BUT for instance the boy of my clan has grown to a full size and weighs in at 35 KG. Lovely lap dog.

I do not wish to put you off owning one as they are the most loyal of all breeds and are cuddles, smiles galore but you have to want one, preferably two as they are pack animals, and know that they:

Smell (hounds).  Are impossible to train (have you seen one at crufts? Many trainers do not take them on).  Are stubborn (will not listen and having a nose only second to the Bloodhound this takes precedence over the ears).  Need attention (they may look dumb but they are very very clever and left alone will drive them crazy).  Howl.. Yes I have such lucky neighbours.

I could never do without them, the welcome home when I have been out is amazing and warming. They are kept in line by the Boss.  Yes the cat of the gang. A big hairball of fun that is the Persian.