2 Bassets and the Boss

basset hounds on the hill

Yes I hike and climb…. a lot! So, what dogs do I have? Border Collie? Labrador? Spaniel? nooooooo I have 2 lazy, stubborn, smelly twin Basset Hounds. But you know what? I love em to bits 🙂

For their own health and safety (short legs, heavy weight, big long bodies) I cannot take them on any steep climbs and thus you will see me do many more relaxed or even flatter walks too.  They are such a joy to wander with.  Warning.. Must have patience.

These two are rescued.  In fact you would not believe how many of this breed are taken into care.  We have all seen the adorable Hush Puppy ads or posters with Bassett pups on..adorable I am sure BUT for instance the boy of my clan has grown to a full size and weighs in at 35 KG. Lovely lap dog.

I do not wish to put you off owning one as they are the most loyal of all breeds and are cuddles, smiles galore but you have to want one, preferably two as they are pack animals, and know that they:

Smell (hounds).  Are impossible to train (have you seen one at crufts? Many trainers do not take them on).  Are stubborn (will not listen and having a nose only second to the Bloodhound this takes precedence over the ears).  Need attention (they may look dumb but they are very very clever and left alone will drive them crazy).  Howl.. Yes I have such lucky neighbours.

I could never do without them, the welcome home when I have been out is amazing and warming. They are kept in line by the Boss.  Yes the cat of the gang. A big hairball of fun that is the Persian.

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  1. Deborah Lee says:

    Just waaaaay tooo cute!! Love it :))

  2. All the best people have a Basset and all the best Bassets are kept in line by the family cat. I love mine.

  3. @whatvalthinks says:

    Loved this Paul. I forget their names, is it Monty & Jasmine? Not sure of the Boss' name either! Thanks for the great montage, it warmed my heart.

  4. Absolutely lovely. Delightful dogs. Love the long suffering kitty, too. Still miss my Basset Hound (1990-2006). Great dog with kids, sturdy, funny and gentle. Yes, they stink and they shed, but they are so full of personality – clever tricksters – you swear they are having a joke at your expense – big ol' grins when they pull one over on you. Judge Roll, the Federal Judge murdered in Tucson, apparently had two Basset Hounds. Neighbors spoke of seeing him walk his dogs every morning.

  5. Kevin Green @MySOdotCom says:

    Awesome vid Paul

  6. Paul,

    I am a dog lover and these cuties are no exception! If I didn't also have twins, I'd get another dog. We have a mini Poodle named Monster. He loves attention and is a bit stubborn, too. But still very loving and definitely a lap dog. Hubs is allergic to cats, though—so it's just dogs for us.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. OMG~!! If we ever get another pair of dogs, I think this should be the breed~! They are SO SO SWEET~!!! What a great song in the background, too~! I take it you have sisters =) We have a pair of sisters, too, but they are bear-wolves – half Chow-Chow and have Grey Wolf. 15 years old Sept. 11th, one (Kodi) is in dire shape and her sister, Mug, sits with her and they "twin talk" with their noses! Completely feeling this~!!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  8. Great vid! They're so lovely. I'd so love a dog.. *sigh* 🙂

  9. @ellies58 says:

    My GF Wendy will only own Bassett Hounds. I absolutely loved the video! I lauged and cried….I miss my Dogs sooo much! They are lucky to be so loved; and, you are lucky and blessed to have them in your life! :))))

  10. ooops sorry Sir, too late for the comment…well.. just want to tell you.. Monty and Jasmine are cute and adorable even if they are smelly.. And you , Sir Paul.. they must be very lucky to have you 😀

  11. L_A_Johnson says:

    I can't even begin to tell you how cute!!! Thank you for sharing!

  12. I adore your hounds and actually thought it might be great to have one till you said they smelled!! Love your blog!!

  13. Andjelija says:

    You have a real talent for making videos and picking just the right song . Loved every bit of it and want to thank you so much for sharing with us. I didn't realize your dogs actually 'move' and even seem to enjoy it lol AND you have a kitty 😉 Always enjoy the scenery, it's the best part of home imho xo

  14. Paul Steele says:

    Thanks so very much for the lovely comments on the clan 🙂 They are a joy to me and I thank you all for enjoying just a couple of minutes of them and sending your smiles. P

  15. Gina . SuuperG Stark says:

    Thanks for introducing us officially to your family! Many of their traits sound like my Paloma. I love ornery, unpredictable pets :)…keeps life interesting. Cheers!

  16. @dog_luvr says:

    Oops – I almost forgot to mention that adorable cat of yours – funny AND cute – a great member of your "pack"! 😉 That video was such fun!

  17. @dog_luvr says:

    Loved this Paul!! Awesome dogs, awesome Boss! 🙂

  18. shelly kramer says:

    Love, love, love this, Paul!

  19. My Basset is also ruled by my cats, who regularly swat him away from the kitchen where their food is kept. He likes our city Basset parades, 50 of them and not a fight. Stubborn yes, I once came home to a dog full of Porcupine quills standing in my living room. He had found them in a craft box, dumped them out on the rug then rolled on them, huge vet bill. Sigh!

  20. blogomomma says:

    I just adore you – we are thrilled to see you pen your adventures! As I read this post, I realize I must have been a hound in my past life! LMBO!
    Cheers Mate!

  21. @AineBelton says:

    So cute Paul!! Love it! 🙂 What happy house mates you have! Cuddles all round 🙂

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