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Kirkenes and a Hike Toward the Russian Border

Whilst aboard the Hurtigruten, cruising around the magnificent coast of Arctic Circle Norway, you get to do some extremely interesting and refreshing excursions. I have so far mentioned the North Cape from my trip but further around the coast you reach Kirkenes, the point of return as far as the Northern Coast of Norway goes. Any further East is into Russia, was time to get the boots on for a walk in this truly winter filled area. The sun doesn’t rise here in mid winter but we had some light for a couple of hours after docking to take in...

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The North Cape – To The Top of Europe

I was aboard the Hurtigruten and had a whole plethora of excursions to take part in on our cruise around the Arctic coast of Norway. Where should I start the series of articles from my time aboard? But at the top! The North Cape, at the top of mainland Europe. The North Cape is one of those spots that produces a feeling that is hard to describe unless you stand there yourself. 71 degrees North, you stand at the famous globe sculpture, looking North out to the cold blue Barents sea. Knowing, there is only the Svalbard Islands between you...

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Brighton – A winter day trip

On a cold, foggy day, Brighton became a spontaneous destination for another of our regular day trips around the UK. The ancient settlement of “Brighthelmstone” pre-dates the Doomsday Book, and a popular destination as a sea bathing resort during the 1800’s “for one’s good health.” Brighton was also used by the Prince Regent, George IV of England as a seaside retreat. One ingenious invention, the steam railway, arrived in Brighton in 1841 and brought with it a growing interest from a rush of London day-trippers, many of which fell in love with the area and built up businesses in...

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Win Hill Pike – A snow covered pimple

Known locally as the Pimple, Win Hill Pike in the Derbyshire Peak District is a feature of the lovely Hope Valley area, a place I return to regularly. The winter’s snow drew my soul up to this peaceful wonderland on the first day of February. I’ve spent many memorable summer days hiking up to Win Hill Pike and down again through the lush pines to Ladybower reservoir and beyond, but there really is nothing like a wintery covering up on the peaks to make it a magical experience. I wanted to share the stillness, the tranquility and heavenly views...

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When frost grips the garden

A lovely fresh cold morning and as the sun rose in the cold air it was time to wander out with the hounds. Monty and Jasmine love the still air, their noses go crazy at these times, tails up, heads down, checking out what’s new or what has been prowling and leaving scent in the garden at night. Looked like a morning to bring the camera 🙂 It was a great morning to relax, walk around and take a look at the small things in life around. The flowers, even this late in the year, trying so hard to...

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Winter Magic Of The Black Forest

It is time again to take you on another journey via a gem of a friend on social media. I cannot wander everywhere at once of course but the last few weeks I have been following the steps of Martina Kaut in the beautiful white winter setting of The Black Forest. It is a joy to see her zest for getting outside and taking a walk in all weathers. There is beauty every day out there if willing to go see. Having lived in Northern Germany for much of my life I have affection for the country however, unfortunately...

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