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A Road Trip to Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire

Robin Hoods Bay is a coastal village located within the North York Moors National Park and is just 5 miles south of Whitby, has been known predominately as a fishing village since its origins and there are many smuggling tales abound which, considering the many subterranean passageways known to exist beneath the village connecting many of the cottages is not surprising, smuggling was ripe along the North Yorkshire coast in the 18th century as it was along many rugged UK coastal villages and ports.   Our journey began early and the weather continually changing as we travelled Northwards, as was the intoxicating scenery. Yorkshire really is a...

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Zaanse Schans – Bringing History to Life

While it was still glorious and sunny after my visit to the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam, I took a short 10 min walk back to the Central Station. Of course when visiting the Netherlands you can’t miss out on taking in some of the real Dutch culture: historical houses and windmills… So time to head to the Zaanse Schans, which is only a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. Zaanse Schans is really easy to reach, by bike, car, train or bus. As I’ve got my IAmsterdam CityCard, which gives me free access to public transport, I choose to hop on...

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Wiltshire: traditional village charm of Teffont

I arrived in Teffont, a quaint little village nestled in the beautiful Nadder Valley in Wiltshire.  As I drove through slowly, I knew I would have to take some photos before the sun set on this very pretty place. It was as if the village had been trapped in a past era – a little capsule of a previous age – where the pace of life seemed slower and I was suddenly aware that the sound of cars had been replaced by the burbling of the spring-fed stream that flowed adjacent to the road. On the other side of Teffont...

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Sweden – A walk around Vaxholm

Last summer we started our first and long anticipated trip to Sweden with a visit to Vaxholm, a lovely village in the Stockholm Archipelago. We arrived at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport where we picked up our rental car and it was only a 45 minute drive to Vaxholm. Making it a nice day trip when you’re staying in the city. There’s also a bus service between Stockholm and Vaxholm. During the summer months there’s even a better way of travelling to Vaxholm: by boat ! Vaxholm is a small but truly picturesque village, well known for its wooden houses and surrounded...

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A stroll along the River Ogmore and Merthyr Mawr

On a hot summer’s day I took a gentle stroll along the River Ogmore and the village of Merthyr Mawr in South Wales. Wales is ‘the land of my fathers’ and will always be one of my favourite places to be. I was joined by my father and ‘Belle’, the family’s golden retriever. Now in her later years, she is a stately old lady – and while she still enjoys the occasional frolic, today she prefers more civilised walks… The picturesque Ogmore River Valley of today is popular with visitors and anglers. The River Ogmore’s tributaries are the Rivers...

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Gayle, Wensleydale – picturesque childhood memories

Every time I am in the Wensleydale area I always take the time out to visit the picturesque hamlet of Gayle. A small peaceful place literally walking distance from the Yorkshire Dales market town of Hawes. It was here that much of my family tree hails from, and it was here that many Summer weekend days were spent playing in the great Dales outdoors when visiting relatives. Gayle Beck runs straight through the village and does not take too many dry days before the waterway’s bed becomes very much waterless. Fond memories of my brother and I as young...

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