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Venetian life and people, passing by the crowds

In the previous Venice post I concentrated on the classic views – the Rialto Bridge, the Grand Canal, the Gondolas etc – however what I hadn’t expected was the finer details of Venice – the buskers, the glimpsed views through arches, daily life going on in the small campo (squares) and the workers selling goods, cleaning, delivering goods, taking away the rubbish and generally keeping the city ticking over.  Although Venice’s resident population has dropped to below 60,000 the city still has a local flavour as many Venetians now commute in daily from Mestre or Padua to work in the city’s...

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A classic stay in Venice

After the initial excitement of booking it we’d become a little unsure of our August trip to Venice. Loads of people began warning us of the hot and sticky August weather, the crowded piazzas and the rise in cruise ship tourism overwhelming the city. We had booked on the Thello overnight train from Paris to Venice (quite an adventure in itself) and then five nights staying at the Casa dei la Pittori apartments. We needn’t have worried about all ‘Venice in August’ warnings – once we’d mastered navigating the alleyways (calle), how to use the water-buses (vaporetto) and, crucially, how to avoid the...

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Street scenes of Giudecca, Venice

In the last post looking out along the waterfront of Giudecca I promised to show some of the scenes within this isle and tell you a bit more before we leave this lovely spot. Being a long thin island to the South of Venice’s main island in the lagoon it has to be said I found it perfectly calm and relaxed compared to some of the packed areas across the Giudecca Canal with the Sao Marco spots etc. Of course the whole of the islands are a must see for there are great hidden gems all over. Today its...

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Venice: Looking out from Giudecca

In the last post we didn’t venture far to get some amazing views with the sunset on Giudecca. It was time for a day of exploring and wandering this little Venetian isle. In a separate post next you will see some of the quiet, fascinating and quirky street views and buildings here but away from the sunset today I wanted to show some of the super daytime views across to the main Island of Venice as well as along the main port street that stretches along the north side of Giudecca. The Generator Hostel we were staying in here...

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A Venice sunset on the Island of Giudecca

In the last post I explained arriving, comfort and beauty in Venice and the island of Giudecca. Peaceful was a word I used a lot. I also said I would show you how the evening fared as we sat out the front of the hostel with what started as a great cappuccino then progressed into happy hour and a cold beer.. or two. The view over the water to the main island of Venice was getting less busy we could see as the sun began its daily downward turn. Blues and whites turning to a glowing purple and pink....

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Peaceful paradise in the lagoon – Generator Hostel Venice

From Berlin, it was time to head south some more, all the way down to Italy actually and to the water paradise of Venice and Generator Hostel Venice. Many people do not associate hostels with a place like this but I can tell you that this wonderful peaceful hideaway, not costing a fortune, sits on the beautiful and quiet island of Giudecca, out in the Venetian Lagoon. Across the water you see the main Venice island and San Marco, literally only a couple of minutes water bus away. By the hostel here on Giudecca you get the views, scenery,...

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