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The Top 5 Apps For My Travels

I am often asked what apps I use on my travels regarding a whole range of subjects. Be it photography, money, keeping up do date and so on. It is about time I shared some of this with a wider audience on here in case any of you are looking to help in whatever you are up to. I must stress that I am no way affiliated with any of the below and I have found and used organically myself. What is more? They are all free. Photography – Snapseed Apart from travel and hiking, photography is a main...

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Video: Paul Steele and Wrangler x Leatherman

I have recently had the pleasure of being able to give some of my personal thoughts, on video, on why I love to get out and about hiking and climbing. Plus how I see others get inspired by their first taste of the hills and mountains. This opportunity came because two legendary American brands, Wrangler and Leatherman, have joined forces in celebration of some of their most iconic products. Two brands I have most definitely come to use and love over the years, especially in the great outdoors. Wrangler, the jean brand of action and adventure and Leatherman, maker...

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SmartWatch 2 – Smarter than your average watch

As I have stated before my current phone of choice is the Sony Xperia Z2. Fantastic for on the go photography to be uploaded to social media ‘live’ from where you are. Of course, these days a whole lot more can be done and measured via a phone and Sony have wearable gadgets to cover all sorts of handy monitoring or for making life that much easier. I have been using recently the Sony Smartwatch 2 with kind courtesy of Sony Mobile.. The smartwatch has become one of my surprises of the year. ‘A gimmick’ I thought, originally. I...

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A Smartphone fit for purpose: Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Another question that arises in my stream, especially when I am sharing live pictures as I travel on the go, to Twitter, Google Plus etc. ‘What phone are you using Paul’? Well, I must admit I have been experimenting a lot lately to find what I need. For me I have a need list of: Powerful: My phone is my office. Opening, switching between email, camera, video, photos, and apps – especially Social Media apps, needs to be fast. Size and durability: I hike and trek up mountains for a living, in all weathers, all terrains. I travel in minus temperatures at high altitudes...

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Lens in the bag: M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 60mm 1:2.8 Macro

Back to answering the questions I get asked a lot on social media and to the theme of what kit I carry in my bag whilst I travel. In a previous post I showcased the camera of choice I use on the road, the Olympus OM-D E-M5. A Micro Four Thirds camera, perfectly sized for taking around and with fantastic pictures perfect for my needs both online and even in print publications where my pictures are used. Of course the lenses play a huge part in the final picture quality. I have a few that I always keep ready...

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A perfect travel companion – Olympus OM-D

I am asked so so often about my travels and how I get about and update social media and the blog, but one theme comes up quite a lot… What kit/clothing/cameras do you use Paul? I thought it would be easier to explain here (with more than 140 characters available) in a series, so welcome to the new ‘Kit’ section. And where better to start than with a big tool that gets hammered on the road, the camera. That is easy, at present I am never far away from my Olympus OM-D E-M5. So many reasons why it is...

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