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Slovakia – Trvana, a Taste of Tradition

I was very lucky to be invited to my friend’s home in Slovakia, not only was I looking forward to meeting her family it meant I got a personal tour of this beautiful country. After being greeted by her family at Bratislava airport we headed 47km northeast to the city of Trvana. This is the seventh largest city of Slovakia located on the river Trnavka. The city is often referred to as the “Slovak Rome” thanks to many churches within its city walls. Trvana was a very important market settlement as it was the junction of two roads, one...

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Amandola – Gateway to the Sibillini Mountains

It was time to visit Italy again.. but away from the usual hotspots you hear of, it was time to head to a beautiful area in the mountains of the Region of Le Marche. A home from home for me, great open countryside, and a perfect greeting of snow tipped mountain tops with lush green and quiet valleys below. The drive into the region was so quiet I could hardly believe it, a hidden treasure indeed! First stop though was the small and beautiful  town of Amandola, the gateway to eastern side of the Sibillini Mountains (Monti Sibillini) Perched on...

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Sweden – A walk around Vaxholm

Last summer we started our first and long anticipated trip to Sweden with a visit to Vaxholm, a lovely village in the Stockholm Archipelago. We arrived at the Stockholm-Arlanda airport where we picked up our rental car and it was only a 45 minute drive to Vaxholm. Making it a nice day trip when you’re staying in the city. There’s also a bus service between Stockholm and Vaxholm. During the summer months there’s even a better way of travelling to Vaxholm: by boat ! Vaxholm is a small but truly picturesque village, well known for its wooden houses and surrounded...

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A look around Appleby in Westmorland, Cumbria

Appleby in Westmorland, a small town in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, but truly packed with history and uniqueness. Last year we showed a series of posts on the Appleby Horse Fair, a week or so where the town gets full with visitors, travellers and of course horses. But, Appleby in Westmorland is so much more than that, and that small window of time in the year… I can assure you. Built within a great loop of the River Eden it is surrounded by mountains, open countryside, river beauty.. but let’s look within. Of course I have a bond with...

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Penrith Castle – The residence of a future king

If you have ever entered Penrith, Cumbria, from the M6 via the A592, you may have noticed that opposite the main railway station sits a set of sandstone ruins. The ruins of Penrith Castle. It can be surreal experience to step from the traffic and modern town comings and goings, then through the stone archway and into the Castle Park that the ruins stand in. A castle that carries more history than people may know. Down the road I had taken a look at a castle with a very different history, Brougham Castle. Here though, a little North in...

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Views of Margate – A Kent seaside town

Margate… a small, run down seaside town in Thanet, England? some may see it as a blotch on the Kentish landscape, but others (myself included) see it as place of inspiration, creative opportunity and development. Margate’s regeneration has mostly been shaped by the Turner Contemporary, which forges a link between JMW Turner and the town. Turner himself certainly found Margate inspiring and even described Thanet skies as ‘the loveliest in all of Europe’. Having lived in Margate for eight years, I can confirm… he was not wrong. The Old Town sector of Margate has been given new life. It...

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